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Bustin' gives me headaches...  XML
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Joined: 06/08/09 01:12 PM
Messages: 170

Ok, I'm going to try to explain my issue as best as I can, and please know that prior to this post I did google my issue and also searched a few forum entries but found that the fixes did not help me.

So I made a ghost hunter sim and everything was going well until I got this one poltergeist invasion and I sent my sim to complete it.

I clicked on the 4 pieces of furniture that were floating as I usually would and they all stopped floating but the "ghost" (wooshy fog around the objects) persisted.

I also noticed that I did not get any credit and the job tracker still said 0/4

the problem is I am not able to exorcise them again, the items no longer give me the option. Also every night this is one of my 3 available jobs for my ghost hunter and it's a real pain cause it basically takes the spot of what could be another job, not to mention rendering that lot useless.

Here is a list of the things I've tried to fix this issue:
1. Moving the sim from the haunted lot out
2. Deleting the haunted objects (with cheats)
3. Quitting my job, traveling, and re-entering my job.
4. Deleting everything in the lot (the wooshy ghosts are gone, but I can still hear them and the job still appears on my map in that lot)
5. Deleting the lot (The job still appears on my map but now over the ocean..??)
6. Moving my ghost hunter sim out(after quitting his job), then back into another lot and re-entering the profession
7. Deleting 4 specific cache files (this brought back the wooshy ghosts but they are still un-catchable)

Any ideas before I give up?

Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance!

Joined: 06/05/09 02:49 AM
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Go to edit town, find the house, move the family out, and move them back in.

I had a glitch in the fire career, where I couldn't see the inside of the house to rescue sims.And I tried this and it worked.So its worth a try.=)

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