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Games for the Pregnant - Notice in OP! Please read it - it's the results to the victor vote ect.  XML
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Location: Shipping Finnick and Peeta together. TUNA SANDWHICH.

It's Early 21st century - the year of 2012, to be precise. Yes, you read right. 2012. And this year, a horrible thing is about to happen.

Madness, power and brains. All are alike in one case - that's that if in the right hands, they can be DANGEROUS. Combine them both together... Tell me, what do you have? Disaster, my dearies. Disaster. So in this year of 2012, a powerful insane figure came about. Anastasia Snow. Rich, powerful and mad, yet with brains. With brains, she worked her way to the top, secretly, before in the year of 2012 when she, finally with enough power, declared for their to be a Game. A game, for the whole world to enjoy.

Anastasia Snow for those who've read The Hunger Games, is an ancestor a from President Snow. Sure, it's probably hundreds of years back, but she's here with an insane idea, that her descendant President Snow gets, too. Sure, neither knew about the other's idea, but the coincidence is freaky, isn't it? Anyway, if you didn't guess, her idea is to get children from the ages of 12-18 to fight a bloody, brutal death in an arena. And no one can stop her, unless they want a nice, beautiful serving of death. Yes, this is 2012 still. There's still the same places, towns and technology, but now Anastasia has presented herself, the games have been added.

Now imagine this - you, or your school friends, so unlike those of the 12 districts of Panem who're starving and used to death and the games, being shoved into an arena to murder each other. No experience or any idea of what's to come...

Does that, or does that not, make it worse?

Here are the results to the victor vote. -

First place: Celestia
Second Place: Kirsten
Third Place: Hannah
Fourth place: Cliora
Fifth place: Becky
Sixth place: RJ
Seventh place: Connor
Eighth Place: Turtle

[size=15] Now, Turtle, who is in 8th place, must die first. Connor in 7th will go next, then RJ, then Becky then so on. All will do in that order, until we reach Celestia, who shall WIN! ^-^
If you don't kill your character within the deadline, we'll take control and do it FOR YOU. I mean it, if you wait days on end just 'cause you don't wanna kill your guy, we'll murder them however we want. Harsh, I know, but necessary. I wasn't really sure about doing it in a certain order, but ah well.

Well done to Albert and Celestia, anyway! Sammie, you have four days to murder Cli./size]

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Joined: 10/22/11 02:41 PM
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Location: Shipping Finnick and Peeta together. TUNA SANDWHICH.

Hello My Sugar Plums! Sorry for the RIDICULOUSLY long intro, there. Do try to read it, please.

In short - this is the Hunger Games, but now. So instead of all of the tributes coming from Districts of poverty and starvation, they're from places like where you are now - England, America, ect! All from this time - not the future, nor past.

Now, before we begin, lemme lay down a few... Rules?


✦ No God modding, or mary sues.
✦ Always talk in brackets - (( )) [[ ]] - when OOC, or show some other way to show you're speaking Out Of Character.
✦ If you've read all the rules, write in your form that you think my pie tastes nice.
✦ Ask permission before you murder.
✦ Only I can move time forward, UNLESS you're doing what I like to call 'A Bush Scene.' Then it's actually ADVISED to FF. >.>
✦ Please be realistic. Sure, some people have natural born talents, but if your character's an expert at weaponry and plants, and is a simple school girl age 12, you need to tone it down. Sure, I'm exaggerating, but really be realistic, guys!
✦ PG31. ( *giggles* )
✦ If you're unsure of something, please ASK. No... No you won't look like a pratt. Not when I'm around, anyway.
✦ Three tributes - MAX. EDIT: Now, as there's a shortage of boys, you may have four... IF the last is a boy.
✦ Your character should be from a country that you're familiar with and at the least speak English. No, I'm not being racist or anything of the sort, but if everyone's speaking a different language, things might get a LITTLE complicated and confusing, eh?
✦ Not a rule, BUT THERE WILL BE 30 SPACES. 15 males and females. I chose 30, as I felt 24 was too small and 48 too big! Update: There's now 40 spaces. Some, of course, will be empty.


  • Reapings: If you're familiar with the HG series, you'll know that the tributes get reaped. I've decided that this is going to be done at the character's school assembly hall and picked out of a glass bowl by one of Anastasia Snow's nutty employers, who will now be you escort. Then, you will by plane be brought to a 'Secret Location' across seas to an island...

  • Training and Days until the Games: On the island, you will be trained and have your interviews like any normal Hunger Games. It's still televised - Anastasia wants the world to watch.

  • Weaponry: I wanted to say that they'll have bows and arrows for sure, but... Guns might be somewhere in DEEP in Cornucopia. Sure, there's limited ammo and I doubt your child will never have used one, but they're there.

  • Game Maker Traps and Mutts: this is the 21st Century. There are mutts, yet there are more dangerous hungry animals like lions, bears and tigers. Game maker traps are still the same, but remember that they'd need to be done with the technology we have at the moment, so it can't rain acid, or have the whole arena spin around. XD

  • A cannon will fire when people die, but there will be no Seal.


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    Messages: 21274
    Location: Shipping Finnick and Peeta together. TUNA SANDWHICH.


    Character List!


    1. Emma Wright (Sanarith - Age 13)
    2. Sami Something (Samilina - Age 12)
    3. Hannah Fullard (Me - Age 12)
    4. Emily -CENSORED- (Eggy900 - Age 12)
    5. Kirsten Church(BlueNosedFriend - Age 12)
    6. RJ Smith (Panio - Age 15)
    7. Rin Hiromi(Goldiefc8 - Age 15) ✗
    8. Akira Hiro (Goldielocks -Age 14)
    9. Astrid Spencer (Cumonlesparty - Age 12)
    10.Cliora Grace (Sammie512 -Age 17)
    11.Samantha Something (Sammie512 - Age 12)
    12. Becky Fischer (ABKS3 - Age 15)
    13. Celestia 'Moony' Pollier (Alathria - Age 16)
    14. Klil (Ronile1 - Age 12)
    15. Emily Furver (Mle4ever - Age 12)
    16. Olivia Johanson (Samilina - Age 16)
    17. Brianna Johanson Samilina - Age 16)
    18. Veronica West (Sparkleberrystar - Age 16) ✗
    19. Ancala Joneca (BlueNosedFriend - Age 18 )
    20. Le WILD NPC
    21. Le WILD NPC.
    22. Le WILD NPC.
    23. Le WILD NPC.
    24. Le WILD NPC.
    25. Le WILD NPC


    1. Zeddie Jackson (Me - Age 12 3/4 )
    2.Zachary Maid (Me - Age 16)
    3. Joe Bloggs (Eggy - Age 15)
    4. Edilio Escobar (Panio - Age 14)
    5. Harrison Loland (Me - Age 15) ✗
    6. Connor Flood (Eggy900 - Age 17)
    7. Danny Burrows BlueNosedFriend - Age 12)
    8. Luke Maid (Me - Age 16)
    9. Steven Yvn (Samilina - Age 18 )
    10. Peter Blake (Sparkleberrystar - Age 16)
    11. Jayden Brown (Ronile1 - Age 15) ✗
    12. Liam Willdye ([i]Eggy900 - Age 16 )

    13. Kadaj Shinra (Yumishi - Age 16)
    14. Lucifer Mori (Yumishi - Age 17)
    15. Damon Frost (Coolgirl12 - Age 15)
    16. Cody Williams (Coolgirl12 - Age 16)
    17. Turtle Cove (Cumonlesparty - Age 17 )
    18. Le WILD NPC.
    19. Le WILD NPC.
    20. Le WILD NPC.
    21. Le WILD NPC.
    22. Le WILD NPC.
    23. Le WILD NPC.
    24. Le WILD NPC.
    25. Le WILD NPC.

    Dead Dudes List

    ❂ Cody Williams (Drake/Mutt; strangled to death)
    ❂ Danny Burrows (Rin; knife)
    ❂ Steven Yvn (Bloodbath...)
    ❂ Ancala Joneca (Drake/Mutt; whip)
    ❂ Liam Willdye (Hannah; gun)
    ❂ Frankie Dude (Fire)
    ❂ Harrison Loland (Rin; knife)
    ❂ Akira Hiro (Unknown)
    ❂ Joe Bloggs (Injuries and poison)
    ❂ Luke Maid (Blood poisoning)
    ❂ Zeddie Jackson (Poison)
    ❂ Emily Questionmark (Connor; knife)
    ❂ Sami Something (NPC; arrow)
    ❂ Brianna Johanson (Knife?)
    ❂ Olivia Johanson (NPC; axe)
    ❂ Emily Furver (Hannah; knife)
    ❂ Zachary Maid (Hannah; gun)
    ❂ Sammie Something (Hannah; gun)
    ❂ Lucifer Mori (Hannah; gun)
    ❂ Astrid Spencer (Suicide)
    ❂ Jayden Brown (Connor; arrow)
    ❂ Damon Frost (Turtle; gun)
    ❂ Peter Blake (Turtle; gun)
    ❂ Veronica West (Hannah; gun)
    ❂ Kadaj Shinra (Hannah; gun)
    ❂ Rin Hiromi (Illness)
    ❂ Edilio Escobar (Snake)
    ❂ Turtle Cove (Suicide)
    ❂ Connor Flood (Suicide)
    ❂ RJ Smith (Falling)
    ❂ BeckY Fischer (Falling)

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    Messages: 21274
    Location: Shipping Finnick and Peeta together. TUNA SANDWHICH.

    Quotes and GIFs:

    Things that sounded plain wrong...

    'Your pie tastes nice.'
    'I think back, the girls English, they might want her.'
    'I know, and everyone's done themselves.'
    'I suck at making them...'
    'I slashed at a banana'
    'I find it hard to RP with myself.'
    'Oh Finnick, please throw your trident at me.'
    'Fair enough. I'm female, too, but I love RPing guys.'
    'I grin, starting to play with it'
    'HMM... *looks at*'
    'Tinky Winky crashed a plane,'
    'The list! It's too long! Then again, nothing can be too long.'
    'I hide my face between my knees.'
    'Banana tasty? Yes! Banana very tasty! XDDD'
    'Page 50! Only 19 more to go! XD'
    'So should I do myself?'
    'Banana has poofed!'
    'I have it cumming with a name like Banana, don't I?'
    'It's only placing one hand on top of the other, closing them together and wiggling your pinky and your thumb so that it looks like a turtle!'
    'Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.'
    'Staring hard.'
    'Fuzzy animals? Worms? XD'
    'I fingered the flower'
    'Fiddling with my pin'
    '"Now minus my banana," I say, pointing to my lunch in my lower pocket, "what's down there to interest you?"'
    'Would you like to eat my banana? Seriously... Eating your own is no fun. I get a bad neck.'
    'You can peel your banana?'
    '"Ppft, you want it really," I shove it in her laughing mouth.'
    'I laugh so hard, I start choking on the banana.'
    'Come on, my banana tasted nice.'
    'If you're this far into the list, you probably have no life...
    '"Is it too big for you?" I grin, "or do you not like the taste of my banana?"'
    'No, you stuffed it down my throat!'
    'I find it just a bit creepy that you turned them into girls.'
    'Groaning, I stick my hands in front of me, feeling someone.'
    'They want us to know about the miracle of life.'
    'Eventually I have to breathe orr I'm going to die or something, so I just take a deep breath and let the uncomfortable 'sensation' or the gas fill my lungs and knock me to the floor.'
    'Finnicky Winnicky'
    'Now it's time for me to have fun!'
    'He looks like he could kill me with a spoon..'
    'I fell up the stairs and nearly crushed the thing in my friends house with my face XD '
    'And we've been at this for four days...'
    'A pencil. You, my friend, just stared at that pencil.'
    'Mmm, I want Matt's sausage right now'
    'The juices dribbling down my face and my creepy smile. '
    'PAGE 96 - You're doing it wrong!'
    'When you chew up the body, it's really crunchy, but it turns really pasty.'
    '...I promise I'll stop after this!'
    'I run in and have a massive banana split with nuts on top...'
    'I finish my chicken drumnstick and peel a banana.'
    'I'm eating it and it's yellow, soft goodness'
    'I take the banana out of my mouth and point to it, and with my creepiest smile ever'
    'My smoothie'
    'Banana '
    'Anyone want to rp with me?'
    'I like the look of her banana. '
    'Banana '
    'Looking at the banana.'
    'I've got better things to do.'
    'Red drink'
    'Watching it drip from her hair'
    'It explodes on him '
    'Take a huge bite out of it, covering my face in it's deliciousness'
    'I jump backwards land on Finnick's banana on the floor, slide on it, and then proceed to fall on my face.'
    'Banana '
    'Hoping to hit someone'
    'I then unpeel a banana and stuff in his mouth. Suck it.'
    'I stand up when a pineapple hits my pinapple. '
    'Spit the banana out and poured three smoothies on her.'
    'Whip out your bananas and squirt that white sauce! Use them meat-y weapons and throw them at people's faces! '
    'Banana. '
    'I push the girl off of me and rub '
    'Anyone want a banana split?'
    'He then puts a banana down Kadaj's shirt'
    'Hope you enjoy that'
    'Pull Lucifer'
    'Sorry for throwing a banana at you'
    'Stupid creepy crawler things! '
    '"That's just nasty!"
    'I get rid of the banana'
    'That must suck... '
    'Stabbing me with a stupid banana.'
    'Bananas are fun to throw.'
    'Stuffs it in h is face'
    'Would you like a ride on my unicorn?'
    'I'd RP Luke, but I can't think of anything for him to do. '
    'Eating a cucumber.'
    'Sucking on a lollipop'
    'Children's games'
    'Blood leaks'
    'I've seen worse in my...'
    'Nuts must be awfully fun for you'
    'This lollipop is strawberry flavoured'
    'Kids being trapped'
    'I never pictured you the type to go around eating lollipops'
    'Sucking my lolly'
    'I have another, in my pocket. Want it?'
    'Desperate five year olds'
    'Licking my lollipop.'
    'Bare hands '
    'A shudder runs through me'
    'I catch it in my mouth'
    'Oh, girl, it's ON'
    'Hard candies '
    'I pour milk on her t-shirt. '
    'I squish a banana'
    'I wipe the cream off my face'
    'I grin, before sticking some brocolli in her ear.'
    'It's PIE flavour'
    'I get chocolate sticking everywhere'
    'I pull the broccoli out'
    'Bend down'
    'I then pushed him'
    'Playing dirty, are we?'
    'Before putting my finger in chocolate sauce'
    'I then stuff a sausage in her mouth and some steak down her pants'
    'Pulling away as nothing had happened.'
    'My mom made good jello'
    'Haven't seen mine for years'
    'My bongo drums'
    'It gets stuck in there pretty good. '
    'We all have our fair share of hardships'
    'I lie back and sip it'
    'Why would she put up with a pig just to get a tiny sausage?'
    'Up and down'
    'Not very hard, but enough to hurt.'
    'Grew longer'
    'You are begging for it!'
    'I couldn't resist'
    'It certainly
    feels right...'
    'Then the b*tch from earlier suddenly comes over and dumps '
    'I'm now soaked so I lay down hoping to somehow dry off'
    'You mean like wood?'
    '...I spend too much time with Bebsie.' - STALKER BEBSIE APPROVES.
    'My father wouldn't let me go down there'
    'Interesting relationship they have. '
    'I have the sudden urge'
    'I was shocked by all the activity '
    'We still play stuff like that'
    'You need to pay attention to how much force you put on it.'
    'I find it creepy how your eyes automatically dart to the location part.'
    'Somebody's feeling enthusiastic today!'
    'I suck'
    'If you want, but I'll probably suck'
    'Yes. That is what I had to enlighten her about. Luckily she still has the sense to beak it in half first.'
    'I keep firing my mini uzi everywhere. '
    'I tried it once. I have terrible aim.'
    'So I'll suck at this'
    'I postion her fingers'
    'I nod, taking a breath and pulling back'
    'I nod, my hands slip slightly from my old position, but this feels more comfortable.'
    'Well, obviously, I'll have to strip'
    'But sometimes she takes over the body'
    'Even harder'
    'Harder than ever'
    'Are you hitting me 'cause of what I did?'
    'She's up a rope-ladder thingy'
    'I place my right foot on it, try to pull myself up, and slip. '
    'Not bothering to stop him'
    'You're supposed to get him down first'
    'We're both pretty big'
    'We'd probably crush him'
    'I adjust Hannah'
    'I pull back again.'
    'I try again, without him positioning me'
    'She needed to find another nut'
    'You're getting good.'
    'Especially the bit where he scrapes it with his teeth, but I couldn't find a viddie for that'
    'So are you gonna try making Zack again or are you just using one of your fails?'
    'I'm soaking wet'
    'Wait, what's he doing? With his hands'
    'Page 169'
    'With my bare hands'
    'I'll probably blow someone's brains out'
    'When we get there I grab a sword. "I feel powerful."'
    'My sword's longer than your's... Do you like my big sword?'
    'It's bigger than her's.'
    'Your big sword is VERY impressive.'
    'Want to touch it?'
    'I start dying of laughter when he makes those noises. '
    'I want to touch his sword.'
    'I honestly was horrible at hand-to-hand but at least I tried my best.'
    '"Nice sword," I make a low whistle'
    'You got a problem with my sword?'
    'What's so special about your sword?'
    'My swords bigger and better looking. It's also deadly'
    'What? You don't think I can do damage with this sword?'
    'You can... But mine's just BIGGER.'
    'I can't do anything, so I best forget about it.'
    'Do you really expect a girl to have a bigger one than a guy?'
    '"I didn't expect a girl to have one at all'
    'Then you can use your big sword to protect me. Or hold against me, depends on what you want'
    'I see that she was practicing swords'
    'I never wnna touch a gun again after what happened.'
    'There were also animal mutating'
    'I watch Zeddie with his slingshot'
    'Can you teach me how to do that?'
    'I position her hands correctly'
    'Pull back!'
    'As that's not how babies are usually made...'
    'I almost wish I lived there for the excitement.'
    'I wish I hadn't, do you know how many kids died?"'
    ' I like guns. '
    '... Again and again and again, seeing as we do that on all the other threads.'
    'I put a hand on it to massage it'
    'You did well at my sling shots'
    'Find some flint in a rock and rub it against a stick'
    'My mini uzi runs out of bullets'
    ' I'll RP... Luke and Cliora? ^_^'
    'I find it easier to do'
    'I say eyeing the guns.'
    ' Topless, drunk and running round the forest? '
    'I get thrown up in the air all the time.'
    'So it's not very visible'
    '*Slaps* Don't be pessimistic! At least your seeing it!'
    'I know... I fangirled when Nose sent me the link. Hard.'
    'I shrug, shooting again, totally put off by her hair. '
    'Go on, just reach out and grab it, Luke. '
    ' My hand creeps to her'
    'Ha ha.... Just imagine it freezing at a bush scene... HAAA!'
    'Dude! The way you test is not by eating them!'
    'I groaned, steadying myself with the table.'
    'I'm looking at mine now '
    'Embarrassed at my clammy hand, I still hold it
    'My hand starts to sweat too and I look up at him.'
    'Pressure helps.'
    'I like blackberry jam!'
    'When something like this happens, I go through a period'
    '"Emily," I pant'
    'It looks a bit like celery'
    'I cough harder as she shoves something down my throat.'
    '"Wha-" I swallow, squeezing my eyes shut. My throat feels better'
    'I thought I'll just lurk, but with this picture.... '
    'Take that, stuffed humanoid figure!'
    'Good job with Zach,'
    'See, this one is green and it looks like it has yellow spots on it'
    'What happens if you eat it?'
    'I might feed it to Zachary, later,'
    'OH, and all the girls wanted HIS rocket'
    'He obviously wants to go fast.'
    'I stiffen'
    'And have everyone do that'
    'You don't have to do it with another character. '
    ' I can't believe I did that!'
    ' The trousers protected him. '
    'I just really suck'
    'Well, that gets rid of that horny problem... '
    'You're a uni-banana!'
    'Or a bananacorn'.

    'And guess who finds his way into my-'
    'Soon I'm finished and I step out of the room'
    'I felt self concious being nude around the three... strangest strangers'
    'Anything in between'
    'After being stripped'
    '"NOOOOO, I WANT TO WEAR A DRESS!" I scream clinging to the door frame and eventally being forced in'
    'I stroke one of the horses'
    'I just like horses!'
    'So you like to shove your face into girl's breasts?'
    'Shoved me into'
    'Revealing Outfits'
    ' I try hard no to look at her **** or something'
    'Inside me'
    'I continue to play with my hair'
    'Uncomfortable with my dress'
    'But I shut up and rub her'
    'Like what you see?'
    'He smiles pretty creepily at me... '
    'On the chest'
    'I watch them'
    'I grab Celestria'
    'I wink, running my hands through it'
    'I sit next to her, closely'
    'I lean against him'
    'IF ZACHARY SAW THAT... Oh God.'
    'That would be fun!'
    'I scrub furiously'
    'You alright? Are you nervous or something?'
    'I run my hand through my hair, nervously watching him.'
    'All the other guys used to mock me for it...'
    'It was hard'
    'If you've read the whole list until here, here's a fu[i]
    cking sticker.'
    'I never fitted'
    'Wait, what are we doing?!'
    'I was presented as innocent and harmless so I can have the chance to run off'
    'I soon shook it off.'
    'We all saw it coming' - YOU MEAN CUMMING?
    'The stick'
    'Oh god, the mental images are frightening'


    Sexy Gifs:

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    .:The Arena:. P.S Be JELLY of my paint skills.

    The arena is a simple island surrounded by you guessed it - water. In the centre of the island is a dense, tropical forest, which will be home to tigers, lions and any other animals Anastasia decided to plop there that can kill. Right in the very centre, is a tall, towering castle. It holds numerous traps, dungeons with torture equipment and secret passage ways.
    Cornucopia will be on the beach.

    Yellow-y: Sandy beach.
    Blue: Water.
    Green: Forest.
    Grey: Castle.

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    .:Other Forms:.

    .:Sponsor Form:.

    .:Mutt Form:.
    Mutt Name:
    Please, describe your mutt:

    MUTTS (Only the creator can control them)
    Drake/Brittney (Panini)
    Bob (Eggball)

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    (I'm guessing we can post now, judging by the title?
    Hmmmm....I'd do myself, but I have no talents that would be useful in the arena...apart from climbing...)

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    eggy900 wrote:(I'm guessing we can post now, judging by the title?)

    ( *nods* )


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    Reserve me a female and a male xD

    Watch this <3

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    Reserve me. Female.
    Oh, and PG-31? Best. Rule. Ever.


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    ( I know, right? XD

    And I'll reserve them now... :3 )


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    (So should I do myself?)


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    eggy900 wrote:(So should I do myself?)

    ( You can if you want!

    I might put more places up... What do you guys reckon? XD )


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