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More Problems, Help Needed  XML
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Joined: 12/09/11 05:30 PM
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Okay, I need some help. Once again, I'm experiencing issues with game play.

1: "A serious error has occurred while loading [Insert Town Name Here]. It is strongly recommended that you restart the application." I keep receiving this message and no matter what I try to do to fix it, it is constantly appearing and it's very aggravating having to keep dealing with this message. I've closed down the The Sims 3, restarted my computer and opened it back up and this message still comes up.

2: When the game does decide to load and the error message above doesn't appear, when it loads, the Sims in the household can't interact with each other. They can interact with other Sims, just not the ones that live with them, no matter what the age of the Sim is and I don't know how to fix it.

3: Every single time I decide to hire a maid, the same thing happens. The one maid comes every day for a while and then one day a different maid appears or the maid service just ends suddenly and all maids just stop coming. The same kind of thing happens if I decide to hire a butler, but it's slightly different. The butler will last longer than the maid will until one day the butler just suddenly disappears and I have to re-hire a new butler.

4: Randomly, whether I've saved recently or not, I'll give a Sim an action and they won't move. So I figure I'll stop the action I'm telling them to do and then try it again but that's never the case. I'll stop the action from happening but instead of the action being crossed out and then disappearing, it just stays stuck there with a red X on it and the Sim is just stuck there. Doesn't matter if they get hungry, tired, smelly, or have to use the bathroom, nothing gets them moving. Their bars can be completely red and that Sim is just not going to move, they just stand there and never move. The only kind of movement I get from them is they move their head or scratch their face or something, but they don't move from that spot.

5: Again, on random occasions, my Sim household can be working just fine and then when I go to send them to bed when they get tired, they change into their sleepwear, move the covers and get into bed and it seems like they are going to go to sleep as normal but no, as soon as they lay down they instantly just pop right back up out of bed. So, I try it again and the same thing keeps happening over and over and over. It's completely ridiculous. Oh and the only place I can get them to sleep when that happens is on a couch and I have to keep telling them to take a nap until they are fully rested.

As I've stated in another forum, I really do enjoy playing The Sims; I have ever since the very beginning, but I'm growing rapidly tired of all these problems. I've tried completely erasing everything, which means losing everything I've worked hard for and uninstalled The Sims 3 on several occasions and it only works for a short time before it starts messing up again. I would appreciate any kind of assistance.
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