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Used option to run game w/o custom content, now all installed is missing  XML
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Sorry if threads exist on this subject already but I searched the forums and found nothing as specific as my issue. I've been plagued by crashing for several months and absolutely certain I didn't download any CC. Guess again. I found some embedded. I did uninstall; I then ran the game w/o CC option selected and now none of my store content is in the game. Actually, when searching through my installed content, I realized that many items I bought have been missing missing before today. in the game, my downloader says all these items are already installed. The launcher says these items are installed. Must I really download everything again from the purchase history list? Any links to other threads are welcome. I just want my items back in play!


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The option that you "checked" disables any and all downloads that go through the launcher. So all store content is disabled as well-- you would need to re-enable to option in order to get it back in your game, so if there's third-party CC you don't want, you'll have to find and uninstall it individually.

As for other items missing that read as installed, this is another issue that I'm starting to hear crop up, but there's no way for anyone to confirm whether or not it's oversight without knowing if it's specific objects in common. I know that some people said they were missing the fryer out of the new Fiesta set, and some have said they're missing the tablet. Could you tell me what item(s) you are missing?

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