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Something missing from the Katy Perry Edition  XML
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Okay on the box we see Katy Perry wearing a glittery dress and shoes.
There is a glitter dress in the pack, but its not the same glitter dress as the box art.
So... where is that dress? The one that comes with the pack has fruit stuck to it
So how am i suppose to have glitter dress that doesn't have fruit on it?
Where glitter shoes?
Is there a glitter texture in the game because i can't spot it

The Sims
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Nope, it's not in there and disappointed. There is a default dress that sort of glitters but the skirt of it is not made like that and it is a one shoulder strap. Your singer gets it as the default dress at some point forgot which level...but it's not the one of the box.

ETA: it is the one on the right side looking at the box, but the textures are like black and white etc. I assume the whiter colors are supposed to be 'glitter' threads? But they aren't the great on my machine. I wanted the one where she is bending on the left side of the box.

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The one on the left side of the box is the one Katy Perry's sim is wearing here:

Download the sim and you'll have Katy Perry wearing the white dress. The dress itself already comes with Showtime, but I don't think one of the default colors is white. The sim that Katy Perry (or whoever manages that account) designed is wearing the white dress.

EDIT: The dress on the right side of the box is one that you receive when your singer reaches a higher level of the singing career (maybe level 5?). If your graphics are okay, then it kind of looks like a sparkly dress. The style is just the same, with the one shoulder bare. I don't have great graphics, and that dress looks very similar in my game.

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if you don't see glitter it's probably a graphics thing.
Mine shows tons of glitter fabrics.

And the singer dress (the one on the right) is not even a top singer career level dress, but it's cute and re-castable.


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I know the dress you are talking about, and if your sim does the Singer profession they unlock the dress at level 2 or 3

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You can always modify a dress so that it kinda looks like it has silver glitter. Put on the dress you want, click the paint icon, highlight the dress, and choose "metal" for a texture. This will give you a silvery dress (although not a glittery one as shown on the box).

And, yes, I do feel somewhat cheated that I didn't get the clothes she is wearing on the box (not to mention the fact that we didn't even get a Katy Perry sim).

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AAAAWWWWWW! I wanted glitter...

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I was disappointed as well. I guess it was naive for me to think that a Katy Perry sim would come with the game. I don’t have a lot of time to play the game so I don't spend much time creating my sims; I only choose the clothes for a random sim. I was irritated at first but after doing the singer profession and searching for what I thought I was missing; I realized that everything was there. However, I wasn't impressed.
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