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Sim stuck in standing position after a trip to france, is related to showtime i think.  XML
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i took my two sims on a trip to france, there was no glitches during the trip. but when i returned there was people at my house after a party (wedding party) and my sim would not return home. i tried to move him, try to get him to answer a phone but he is stuck. i previously had this glitch om the original sims but could not fix it. i put a lot of effort into this family and would prefer not to delete it. are there any suggestions? i am not sure what glitch this could refer to but i was in starlight shores when it occurred. i did download a world before i played the game but i uninstalled it after trying to play on this game. my game has a history of odd glitches after using something i downloaded from the exchangeodd babies[invisible, very glitched])any advice would be appriciated

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Open the cheat line by pressing ctrl shift c (together)
Type: resetsim FirstName LastName
and press enter
So if your Sim's name is John Doe it's resetsim John Doe

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sa me fais la meme j'ai préférer de effacer la partie
et Sims1011128 je pense pas que c'est a cause de showtime car je l'ai pas

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matoufi wrote:sa me fais la meme j'ai préférer de effacer la partie
et Sims1011128 je pense pas que c'est a cause de showtime car je l'ai pas

bon à savoir, mais tant pis vous avez eu la peine. Peut-être que c'est un problème World Ambitions.


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If the resetsim doesn't work, try going into Edit Town, and evicting the family from the lot and then moving them back in. If that doesn't work, try moving to a whole new lot. Or save the family to the sim bin, and start a new town. They'll lose all their friends around town but the immediate family will still be intact.

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