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My thread was once called "Sims 4 should compete with Second Life", but I got a lot of negative responses to my initial post.

So now, I still would like the Sims Franchise to evolve into a MMORPG. I'm just not going to hold my breath over it. But I know that the rest of you would rather play offline.

So, without future ado, I present to you this question: If EA were to introduce (read: force) the Sims MMORPG onto us, what features would make you change your mind and buy the stinking, stupid game?

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bad,bad idea.


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Interesting concept, but I'm not too sure how many would go for it. Frankly I used to play SL a lot, but lost my interest in it due to the constant lag and crashing. Plus if they integrate online/multi player features with what in the Sim series already or what people want to experience (think about the problems that comes with trolls that we've been experiencing on the forums, or getting overzealous vampires or lycans who want to feed or 'convert' other players even without their consent just to name a few), and people will be quick to drop TS4 like a rock.


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Please read the responses in these two threads. I see that some people want a online game, but the people who don't out weigh the people who do.


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Much as I like SL sometimes, I play the sims for totally different reasons. It would ruin it for me totally if the Sims 4 tried to go in that direction.
It would need to be a totally stand alone effort like Simsonline but having been in SL for a few years...the lag/griefing and money you can spend without really meaning to means I would steer WAY clear. Sorry

Second life does it fine already (on a good day)


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Sims Social and Sims Freeplay is about as close to having an online game. There are other threads about making an online game for the sims. I for one don't want to play my sims online. There would be things that you would not be able to do in an online game. For one thing your sims would not be able to age up or have a family.

If I was you, I would go and check out the other threads asking the same thing and see what others had wrote about it.

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Sorry, I don't agree. The one thing I like about Sims is that it's my game, under my control and it's just my world. I have all social features turned off and that's the way I like it.

Step outside of your comfort zone. Ask why. Don't accept,"because that's the way it's always been". Think outside the box.

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Cndy20009 wrote:I would have downloaded Second Life if I wasn't an avid Simmer. I would really like to see my Sims go online and into the world, and SimPort doesn't even meet 1% of my online expectations for my Sims. Heck, only Sims in Showtime careers can travel via SimPort, and that's not fair!

The next generation of the Sims should answer that and allow our Sims to meet and greet each other like the avatars do in Second Life. We could use SimPoints and Simoleons the way SL users use Linden dollars.

The Sims Online was a great start, and the Sims Social was OK, but I REALLY have yet to see the awesome potential that this game has to rival Second Life!

Any questions?

1. Did you ever truly play TSO when it came out back in 2002? If not, can you even remember what issues fans were complaining about back then? Or did you literally have to do some googling to search for favorable reviews on it?

2. If you're so much into social online gaming, why isn't playing SL enough for you??

3. What's so lacking in game features/content in SL which makes you want to mutate the Sims into a full blown (and completely dysfunctional) online social networking game?

4. Why do you think it's so necessary for TS4 to "rival" SL? Especially when a fan base for SL already exists? Don't you think that would be a waste of time (and duplicated effort) on the devs part?

Doing a project of this magnitude would cost EA millions to develop. And even more to make it remain profitable. TS4 would have to use suscriptions to remain profitable. That could turn a lot of people off--especially if the online experience doesn't deliver what people expected. Just like it did with TSO. TS4 would also end up having to steal SL fans and cannibalize the SimsSocial fan base by attracting customers from these games as well. This may not be worth the cost or development effort.

It also definitely wouldn't help EA out with the increased amount of debt it's already wallowing in. Sometimes you just need to step back and think of the big picture first.

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And then there is this
...and SimPort doesn't even meet 1% of my online expectations for my Sims...

My problem with your post and this in particular, is that it's extremely narrow minded and one sided. It leaves exactly zero room for compromise in what amounts to a thinly veiled, and extremely selfish demand. In posting what you did, you excluded a significantly large number of this fan base which DOESN'T CARE TO HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA IMPOSED ON IT.

Haven't you had enough of the joke fest that Simport has been since ST came out? If you think this sort of server reliability is bad now on EA's end, then multiply this problem some 8000 times to achieve the scale of what you're suggesting. Because that is what it would take to run Second Life.


The primary SL server process. Each simulator process simulates one 256x256 meter region. There are about 31,000 regions in total currently. Each one has to be hosted on a server running copies of the Simulator program. There is one simulator per region, 4 or more sims per server, 8000 or so servers. As the viewer moves through the world it is handled off from one simulator to another. It handles storing object state, land parcel state, and terrain height-map state. It performs visibility calculations on objects and land and transmits the data to the client. It transmits image data in a prioritized queue. Physics simulation is handled with the Havok physics library. Chat and instant messages are processed here.

Running at full tilt, a simulator will run at 45 frames/sec. If it can't keep up, it will attempt time dialation without reducing frame rate.

Simulators communicate with one another using a circuit via UDP. A "circuit" is a UDP network connection. Circuits are maintained between adjacent simulators.

And this
Simulator vs. Viewer

It helps to understand the division of labor between the simulator and the viewer, since the split in Second Life is very different than most other virtual environments:
Simulator's job: Runs physics engine
Collision detection
keeps track of where everything is
Sends locations of stuff to viewer
Sends updates to viewers only when needed (only when collision occurs or other changes in direction, velocity etc.)

Viewer's job: Handle locations of objects
Gets velocities and other physics information, and does simple physics to keep track of what is moving where
No collision detection

If you bothered to look at the Tech forum, you would notice that a significant number of simmers in this fan base either

1) lack high end gaming rigs, and/or
2) don't know how to keep their gaming system maintained with the latest hardware & software updates.

As a result, the game continues to run crappy on their systems. That forum is littered with threads where folks are complaining about how the game screwed up their system. Or how Simport sucks or doesn't work. But their dxdiags also indicate they only have 2-3GB RAM, or software drivers that date back to 2003, or a poor graphics card an/or CPU with computational & graphical abilities inferior to my smartphone

If the gaming systems of fans like these have so many hardware (and legitimate software bugs/coding) issues running the base game and the SP/EPs, do you really expect such computer systems to run on a server network? Without any freezing? Lag? CTD?

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God, not this again. I am actually worried TS4 will be online, because in that case EA can count me out. It would suc k so much.

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I am not interested in playing Sims 4 online. The Sims is popular because it is your game. You decide what is going to happen.

Do you have any idea what kind of problems it would cause?
1. Will your computer be able to run it?
2. How well will the game be managed?
3. What kind of trolls are you prepared to deal with?


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Nuff said. We had that discussion countless times.

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A great big H E Double Hockey Sticks NO.


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I am not interested in playing the Sims 4 online. The sims game is about you and what you want to do within your game. It is your world. It is not designed to be like other online games.

Do you have any idea of the problems you may have?
1. Is your computer equiped to handle it?
2. How will the game management be dealt with?
3. What kind of trolls are you prepared to deal with?
These were just a few of many questions.

My vote is a resounding no!

Sorry: Double post. I thought Liam ran off with the other one.

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