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SimGuruHydra, URGENT. Please read!!! Update: Wish Lists are Fixed.  XML
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UPDATE: For most simmers, the Wish Lists have been fixed. Mine is working correctly at the moment. THANK YOU EA. And thank you, SimGuruRusskii. We look forward to a fix to the other problem where items and sets within sets and compilations can still be gifted. But having the Wish Lists fixed so we can delete items from them helps a great deal.

UPDATE: This has now happened a second time!!! Another friend unwittingly purchased and sent me a set that was included in my purchase of the compilation (see reference below)

PLEASE read and see my pics and put a fire under the feet of the tech people who are supposed to be fixing the broken wish lists!!!!!

(See Pics Below)

Long ago I placed all of the Ultra Lounge Sets on my Wish List so I could keep track of them and buy each one when I could afford it.

Then there was a sale on a compilation called "The Best of 2010" which contained all of the Ultra Lounge sets. On 4/28/2012 I bought that compilation. (Evidence Pic Below)

Because of the BROKEN WISH LIST problem, I could not remove the Ultra Lounge sets from my Wish List.

Now my worst fear has been realized: a generous gamer has gifted me the Ultra Lounge Kitchen+Bath set because she had no way of knowing I already owned it! She spent her money to give me a gift I already own and she in essence gave me nothing. But her money was spent, nevertheless.

There are TWO problems here technically:

1) The system does not recognize sets within compilations. Nor does it recognize subsets within sets.

2) Our Wish Lists are broken so that we cannot remove items from them.

Because of these two problems, the system did not recognize that even though I own the sets, since they are part of The Best of 2010 Compilation, the sets were still able to be purchased for me.

And I would have removed them from my Wish List, if I could, when I bought the compilation. But I cannot remove anything because the Wish Lists are horribly broken. We can add items but we cannot rearrange them or remove anything from them.

I know this problem has been reported over and over and over again. But now you see how big a problem this can be -- real money being spent for items that are never really gifted at all. It's like allowing someone to spend their money for an empty box that is all wrapped up in a nice bow, but the recipient gets nothing and the giver has wasted their money.

I called EA and asked them to refund the gifter's SimPoints to her and they said Points are never, for any reason, refunded except for extreme extenuating circumstances. When I explained that I felt this fit that criteria and why (a technical problem that is only EA's fault and can only be fixed by them) they said I could have her call and ask for a refund herself and they would see what they could do; but that I could not request it on her behalf. So I have told the gifter this and hopefully she will have success. But there was no promise; just a suggestion I have her call to "see what they could do."

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this information along to anyone at EA who cares. Thank you.






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I to have had a wonderful simmer gift me and I already owned the e-mail on the site does not work so I have no proof outside of having the set on my download history.

My friend did call and the person from EA stated that there was a back log of complaints and it would take around 3 weeks to investigate this...that was a week ago.

Very very frustrating!

When will the next update be? And will it include a fix for this?
With the economy being so bad it is a shame that simmers are just flushing their money down the drain. If points are not given back what does this say about this company? That they will take simmers money, take their complaints and do nothing?
What other business could get away with such a thing? I think none. Why is it taking forever to fix this problem?

Please could you address this problem, ease our minds about what is happening on this site.

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In response to this problem, a petition has been started.

Please visit this thread and sign it


A boycott of the purchase of SimPoints has been started here Please post your support.

Thank you!

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This problem is just horrible. I hope you get this resolved soon!

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same I was gifted Ultarlounch laundry... and I own the big laundry set....
It wasn't on my wish list, but I comented that it was a nice set in a dicutuin thread, becouse I use it a lot, and then I was generusly gifted it.
I do think my gifter got her points back, any one that gets a gift they already have schould tell their gifter thank you but I did have it before, and the gifter need to contact EA to get their points back. EA knows the problem, and not just from the forums but from direct emails and phonecalls, so they have no excuse for not fixing it.

The problem in this case get a 1000 time worse when we can't edit our wish list, as the risk of double gifting grows fast then.

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:O Oh no! I hope the very generous simmer gets her points refunded.


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I hope so too.

I also hope EA will hurry up and fix this.

It is beyond ridiculous at this point.

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Bump it because its a big problem


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If they want to ignore other requests, petitions, and outright rants, I do hope they pay attention to this problem. It really reflects bad on EA business practice and makes me think this is done on purpose for extra money. Especially when you try to get a refund and they respond that there is no refund.

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This happened to me as well, I was gifted the steampunk kitchen when I already owned it. They absolutely have to fix the wishlist issue ASAP!

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EA really needs to fix this.Gifting is my favorite part, if they don't fix it, I'm leaving the site for good, and will no longer play a sims game again.


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I have not had this happen to me yet, But I have 294 items on my W/L when I look at it, I own more than half of it already, My problem is that it takes longer than it should to load my W/L because of all the items I can not erase. EA needs to fix this FAST.

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It's just wrong on so many levels.

It is incomprehensible to me that a company could take money from their customers and give them such horrible customer service.

On another note, whenever I do buy SimPoints, I always have to jump through a myriad of hoops just to give EA my money so I can buy them. This too, is ridiculous.

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Agreed, sorry for not looking sooner


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This is horrible. This is basically double-charging a customer for the same piece of merchandise. I believe (hope) once EA gets around to reviewing the information, that she will be reimbursed. Since the opposite outcome would be unethically and a bad business practice. Keeping my fingers crossed that all ends well.

They really need to fix the wishlist will end up costing them more in human resources dealing with our complaints and correcting these types of problems.

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