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Alright so... is there ANYONE currently able to install CC via Exchange or a third party site?  XML
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Macbook Pro (late 2009)
8 GB Memory
750 HDD
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB

Can you go to the Exchange and download a lot (commercial and/or residential), download it in the launcher, and then install it and see it physically show up in your game???

...Because I can't anymore and haven't been able to for months. When I first noticed problems installing CC, lets say a lot from the Exchange would download just fine, and even show up in the "Installed content" tab. But when I loaded the game, the lot would not be there. Previously downloaded lots would be there (ones from a LONG time ago) but not the newest downloads.

Just wanting to make sure this isn't just me. I thought about a month of no play the game would correct itself but that isn't the case. Crazy thing is all my OLD CC (from like at least a year) is still in the game. Hairs, sims, lots. It's crazy.

It's like the situation is getting worse. I log on today, go to the Exchange, download (add to game) a lot, select to install it, and get "Unable to start game. Service initialization failed."

Never ever had a problem with The Sims 3 on this machine until this.

Thanks for the help to anyone that offers a suggestion.

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I have no problems with third-party sites.

I avoid the Exchange generally, except when it's somebody I know. I've recently been able to install lots and Sims from the Exchange without any problems.
The only thing that sometimes doesn't work very well for me is to install Sims or lots that have store items in them. Officially the store content should be replaced when you place it, but I find that actually lots just don't install.

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You're NOT alone---I have this issue. No one has been able to help me. I've been a Sims fan for a LONG time---but this is becoming the final straw...
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