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Free Vacation Help!!  XML
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Joined: 04/01/12 05:51 AM
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Sooo.. My problem is with the free vacation (Generations) and the firefighter profession (Ambitions) So the vacation works fine when my sims had a normal job, and even worked with other professions, they'd just not go to work and be gone for a couple days, usually two.

But I decided I wanted to have a firefighter (because I've never played a sim with that job) and a teen sim, so I was playing then got the opp. for the free vacation. I accepted because I love throwing teen parties, the guy was supposed to work the next day. He left right before work, for the vacation, teen threw a party that night, cops came, dad came home, she got grounded. Whatever that has happened lots

But the problem started the next time I got the opp. The guy left and I was just playing and the girl was at school and I realized the dads face wasn't grayed out! He was at the fire station, working. A message didn't pop up saying he would be home, he just came back for work, he didn't come home before leaving for the fire station either!! This has happened a couple times while playing this family.

I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else, or if you knew how this stupid glitch could be fixed. It's starting to make me extremely madd!!

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Ahhhh Im so glad im not alone!!!! I always let the parents go on free vacations, (my guy is a firefighter and my girl is a doctor). She left all weekend but the guy only left for like 12 sim hours...the vacation was offered friday morning and he was back friday at midnight, just like you no notice or was like he wasnt even there though...very thinking a glitch

<3 Love Gaby <3

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sometimes they can come home early from vacation, not every adult stays the 2 days but they do usually come home at same time. if you have twallans over watch mod make sure you disabled recover missing sims as this can bring them home when it runs through sims.

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