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Sims wont install! - Error:Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)  XML
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I used to play this exact copy of the sims 3 on this exact laptop a while ago and it all worked fine. I stopped playing for a while and recently decided I wanted to start playing again. Now whenever I try to install it it says Errorata Error (cyclic redundancy check).... what does this mean? How do I make it stop?!

I have deleted all files to do with sims from my laptop and it still doesnt work... Please help! I just wanna playyyy!

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First, ensure that the game disc is not damaged or scratched. Cleaning the disc and the DVD drive internals using a cleaning kit may help. Scan and defrag the hard drive if necessary - make certain that the hard disk has enough space left on it to install the game. For your specific issue please refer to the following thread:

If none of the above works, the following may also be of help to you:

1.) Open Windows Start menu
2.) Select Run
3.) Type msconfig
4.) In the Services tab disable all items
5.) In the Startup tab uncheck all items
6.) Restart computer in Safe Mode (press F8 during bootup)
7.) While in Safe Mode insert The Sims 3 DVD disc
8.) Use Windows Explorer to locate SETUP.EXE on the disc (actual filename may vary slightly)
9.) Right-click SETUP.EXE and select the option to run it as an Administrator
10.) Installation should now proceed without any CRC errors
11.) Reboot the computer normally

If the issue is not resolved, you can give this a try next:

From SimGuru_BGY_11:
Hi there.

What I'd advise in this case is going into Device Manager (from System -> Hardware in Control Panel), right clicking on the [DVD] drive and selecting Uninstall. Reboot your system without a [game] disk in the drive, and Windows should redetect the [DVD] drive and reinstall its software.

If that does not work, contact your system manufacturer for diagnostics and possibly a firmware update.

-Big Guy-

If your issue is still not resolved, verify that the software drivers for the DVD drive are in fact functioning properly and that the DVD drive controller is set to DMA Mode. You can also replace the DVD drive unit with another model either purchased or borrowed. The Sims 3 disc (and its subsequent expansions) apparently has issues with certain optical drives due to the way it was stamped at manufacturing.

If nothing works, you can alternatively use your disc serial code to redeem a digital download version of the game from the EA Store at no cost to you. This is made possible through the Origin download manager client. If you have previously registered the game on the website, the product will already be redeemed in Origin. If not, to register the game through Origin you will need to proceed to the following page:

The latest version of the Origin client can be downloaded from the following link:

Before installing the digital download game, you will need to uninstall the disc version of that game first.

Need assistance with The Sims 3? Visit the Master Help Thread today!

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Nichaedemus' help was invaluable - I had searched forums and tried so many things to fix the error installing from disc. Was ready to return the disc (for a second time) and instead installed from download using your instructions and links. A shame that more support wasn't provided with the game - disappointed in EA, but if we hadn't found the solution when we did we wouldn't have stuck with Sims. Many thanks.

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The answer is simple. If you are reinstalling, do a defrag. Then, (and this is the most goofy but valuable step), clean that disk...even if it appears spotless, the smallest particle will cause this message.

If it is badly scratched, there are solutions you can buy at Best Buy that fills them in, or you can use a soft cloth and peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter. Works wonders in scratch removal from disks.

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Ok class a lesson about crc error with an optical drive:

Crc errors with an optical drive can be caused by a few different reasons. First is a scratched disc. If the disc is scratched it may not read right. You need to verify if the disk is good. Next if the disc is burned at x24 speed it may not read correctly in a x16 speed drive. This should no happen with pressed discs. The files that generate the crc errors are typically large files. Much larger then you would normally copy. There is micro code on the optical drive itself and there may be a problem causing errors after a sustained data transfer rate has been exceeded. In other words the data bus gets over loaded and the optical drive does not pause the data transfer properly and data gets corrupted. This is what I believe (my opinion only) is happening. There is a buffer on the optical drive and I believe the optical drive is not suspending data transfer properly. Optical drive manufacturers sometimes release flash updates for their drives but they tend to be hard to find and not very descriptive as to what they fix. Applying the wrong flash could render the drive useless. First you have to find the upgrade file, then apply it, then test it. It doesn't make sense to spend this amount of time on a typically $40 optical drive.

Considering what it would cost for a technician to diagnose and fix this problem it's a lot cheaper to just replace the drive as that is the only fastest solution anyway. Replace the optical drive with a known good drive (new?) and test. About an hour with a coffee break included (the coffee break will probably be longer).

Be sure to study there will be a test.

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