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World Adventures: Bug List (please post DxDiag)  XML
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Joined: 12/30/10 08:53 PM
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What do debugs do??

Joined: 01/15/11 10:22 AM
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I recently installed World Adventures and inherited the camera problem too. I've used different cameras, and the action icon stays at the left corner at the top of the screen and never goes away, lol. I can't 'x' it out or force another action to make it go simply stays there while my Sim just stands in place and decreases in Needs. It's really aggravating and so disappointing! Also, I have taken single Sims and couples on vacation, and when I get to the destination it's as if I have no Sim, at all. The panel doesn't open properly and the Sim icon isn't there, even though I have taken that same particular Sim on vacation before and the panel was fine. I also have not been able to get any of my Sims to excavate (I'll try your advice Puddinroy). My game says it is Up To Date and I have the latest update 1.24.3, unless there is a newer update.

I hope these issues are resolved soon, the game could be so much fun! Good luck to everyone

Joined: 09/05/11 04:14 AM
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In a sense, the photography problem is the easiest to fix. Simply don't take any photos of any kind while any member of your household has an 'Opportunity' pending. Regardless of where they are e.g 1 person on holiday and 1 at home. Of course that presents a bit of a problem if you want to do the Photography career - collateral damage - some of the expendables as EA probably think.

The main problem is that even that that workaround ... works. The phot prob is not really the prob ... just a symptom ... indicative of bigger probs lurking below. Sooner of later the REAL prob will surface in another way ... like my latest manifestation of the Sims 3 World Adventures shortcomings - not being able to travel to any holiday destination. Every desto, every sim in my latest attempt at a household, brings the game crashing to the desktop when they attempt to travel. Shame, I actually managed to get this 2 person household to day 21 with only ... what I thought at the time ... were minor probs. I should have known better.

21 days ... 2 sims ... 1 only traveling at a time. I managed to get each to China about 7 times each, France 1 each, and then 1 to Egypt. That's when the probs really started to hit hard.

Couldn't get home. Dozen attempts. Finally I think the 'Save As' workaround finally got me home, but then I tried to Save ... 'Error Code 12'. Countless attempts at correction, to no avail. Reverting to my backup ... well, one of them ... do it all again. Days later, who knows how many attempts, re-attempts and re-do's? Finally I finished my hol in Egypt, got home, and saved the game. Problem fixed?

ARE YOU SERIOUS? To cut a long story short. No travel anymore.

I have owned every copy of every bit of software ever put out by EA for bot the Sims 1 and 2. It will not be the same for the Sims 3.

I have now tried to get it going on 3 diff computers. 2 diff op systems - XP and Windows 7. Tried different graphics cards NVIDIA and Radeons. Re-installed countless times - tried patching as I go, patching only at the end. Run with and without mods. tried every bizarre suggestion and workaround ... This now rates as the most broken piece of software I have encountered since I became involved with computers and computer games in the mid 80's.

I give up on it, and seriously ... save yourself a lot of pain and consider likewise.

Joined: 12/10/09 10:23 PM
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Whenever my Sim tries to take a photo with the camera, if she has a pending Opportunity, she will freeze. This seems to be a pretty well documented bug, so I'm assuming I don't need to give any more details.

But I have a question. Is there an ETA on when this bug is going to be fixed? It bothers me that I can't take photos, but if I knew that someone was working on this bug, then I could be happy and relax.

I would happily give up on my current Sim being a photographer and all the problems it comes with, if I knew that down the road some time, I'd be able to have another Sim be a photographer without having to worry all the time about freezing.

Joined: 06/05/11 03:41 AM
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I've been playing the sims since the first one. Own all of the expansions, stuff packs etc and was begrudingly moving onto 3 (not my particular playing style)since it had a few things I thought were improvements. Yet I feel like I have wasted my time and my money on a game that doesn't work,having untold issues with each expansion. Where else do you purchase a maybe other than a lottery ticket? As for work arounds, I shouldn't have to; I paid for a product and it should work in its entirety as advertised. I don't play Sims 3 anymore. I won't buy another expansion or whatever else comes out. I am done. They are always shoving out a new one and still don't fix what happened with the last one. Am I just supposed to chuck over my cash and forget that the one I already have isn't up to parr and neither is the one I'm about to purchase? I came on today looking to see if there have been any fixes for the issues I had after Generations and nope still can excavate so I see and my disappear sims will never come back. Talk about a waste of time developing them. Yes, I can say I am done with the Sims 3. So long EA it was a nice ride until I got stuck and the top and didn't even bother to let me down as long as other paying customer were still strolling through your gates.

Joined: 01/06/11 02:15 AM
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I have to agree with Nortonsapple. I haven't played in literally months. I have had problem after problem. When Generations came out, my World Adventures went whacky, and had a disappearing butler, couldn't travel due to coming back as a clone... I went back and uninstalled all, and reinstalled all EXCEPT the latest patch that broke it. I could travel again with no issues! I didn't buy Generations due to those problems, and not buying anything else until I can play the game and expansions that I paid for. I understand that things take time, however how is it entire expansions are being created, however the problems aren't getting fixed? I am not feeling the luv! Once fixed, I do plan on upgrading as I have always in the past, but this is quite ridiculous. Months!!! Maybe next year I'll check back in and see if things are fixed, but at this point, I am having serious doubts.

EA: Be loyal to your customers. It speaks volumes.

Joined: 11/28/09 08:37 PM
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UGH!!!!! My game keeps freezing when my sim tries to return home! ***

Hey there, fellow simmers!
Call me Katie.

Joined: 10/30/11 03:09 AM
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i recently downloaded world adventures and its been messing up my game!! my sim cant travel , as the new world that my sim is traveling to is loading i get the"serious problem" error...None of the three worlds are loading and ive noticed that the icons and even game tips patterning to world adventures are not showing(visible)...PLEASE HELP!! any suggestions?

Joined: 02/14/10 03:32 AM
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vincysim wrote:i recently downloaded world adventures and its been messing up my game!! my sim cant travel , as the new world that my sim is traveling to is loading i get the"serious problem" error...None of the three worlds are loading and ive noticed that the icons and even game tips patterning to world adventures are not showing(visible)...PLEASE HELP!! any suggestions?

I was wondering if it was just my eyes playing tricks on me but apparently not if someone else has noticed that the vacation icons look sorta greyed out I was even thinking that I had to activate them like I did on the sims2, but when I tryed going there with no sims and then returning but it didn't seem to help. I've also uninstalled and then reinstalled all my EP's and SP's up to and including the sims3 pets and played with no c.c. or mods and still have the problem of my sims never showing up to their vacations. I even tryed what ea recommended after a clean install only downloading the 845mb superpatch and I'm still having the same problem. So I feel the same as everyone else when it comes to EA, and I really hope this gets fixed befor Christmas, because I'm sure they will be coming up with a holiday SP and I refuse to buy anymore until this is resolved.

Joined: 05/05/11 02:18 PM
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I hope this is the correct thread where to post my issue, I have a "simple" problem: the game crash almost every time a sim goes on vacation, in the china (for example) loading screen. Some time the game manages to go past the loading screen and the sim arrives in china but then the game starts freezing randomly for 5-15 seconds (it happens continuously at night) and some time it just crash to desktop for no reasons.. when it doesn't crash during the vacation, it crash in the loading screen when going back home..

At home, the game never crash. Any idea to how to solve this issue? I do not have any mod installed, I have installed various objects from the official store, I only have WA and Late Night expansions installed and no stuff pack, before installing the lastest patch the game was working, it still had some bugs but not crashes..

Joined: 07/07/09 01:12 AM
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I've got a few problems, not sure if they're related. My sim went to China, and got the adventure to find the legendary axe. Once he found the axe there is one section of the tomb where there are two sets of hidden doors. Managed to get the first one open, and the second just wont open. The green progress bar will max out and then he simply stands back, and the door wont open. I've told him to open it like numerous times and nothing. Also, I been having problems with my sims and routing. For example, (Mostly all are in China), after my sim has excavated a dig pile they will not be able to go forward. I have to teleport them to where they need to go. Also, in China, ubber lagging. One time I had it where every other second the game would freeze for a good minute or more and then freeze again and again...etc. It kinda ruins the whole experience of travelling. I really want to achieve a visa lvl 3 in China but with all these bugs I'm more likely going to rip out my hair (and I really like my hair too )

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Joined: 11/07/11 11:32 AM
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This game is so amazing and so much fun at the beginning before the troubles start. I have all the expansion packs most of the stuff packs and am patched up to the max and I think things are running a little smoother in some ways but...

The worst bug I have found is after I have played the game for a reasonable time my Sim no longer appears at their holiday destination this usually leads to me starting a new family in despair, in another town and after all the time I had spent getting my family and town just so, I could spit.

I have had children disappear at boarding school so I've not used that option again just in case.

My best friend and butler left because I had an engagement party. He never returned.

Lifts got stuck causing all kinds of mayhem.

My band was hardly ever booked to play gigs.

Shang Simla kept repeating the same quest over and over. Nothing else became available even after several visits. A request for nectar. My Sim would also get stuck. I used resetsim but this seemed to make it happen more often. One time they couldn't go home that was when I noticed the holiday clock wasn't keeping track of the days stayed. They could have stayed forever.

Taking a photograph froze my Sim in mid action.

This bar is a 'hotspot' usually means there is one person there playing darts.

The free holiday offer caused my Sims to return invisible or playing an endless game of catch on a town lot. If they returned at all.

Whenever my Sim arrived at a party everyone hurtled out of the house and went home.

One family I was very fond of kept turning invisible and became useless. There was a little tear in my eye when I gave up moving them in and out and splitting them up and all that faffing about that didn't work for me, sadly.
At the moment I am playing with the Pets expansion pack which is great I have to say and I hoped it might fix the bugs. I tried to keep things simple, a girl a horse and a butler but the travelling abroad rot set in again and this evening I moved her on to Appaloosa Falls (I think that's the name). What am I doing that always starts the problem?!
This time I wont go abroad, I'll stay in town and avoid any free holidays or installing lifts or any other aggravating behaviour, I wont even edit the town which altogether means I will lose so much of what makes this game so brilliant and lose a lot of what I paid for. I have tried a lot of the ideas and programmes out in the great Sims community but at best on my PC they only seem to work temporarily.

I can't seem to find any mention of these problems on the EA help page which is a bit worrying as there are heaps of other people with all the same bugs. If anyone does know how to fix these bugs or even how to avoid them or play around them, please share. I always use the 'save as' not just 'save'by the way so my games shouldn't be corrupted.

Those pyramids in Egypt eh? The first time I saw them lit up against the night sky I was wide eyed with delight. Truly lovely.

I have noticed that now taking a photograph doesn't freeze my Sim.

When I just had The Sims 3 and World of Adventures everything seemingly ran as smooth as silk. Could it be one expansion pack has a fault?

This could be such an awesome game if it let you really get into it.


Joined: 07/30/09 04:03 AM
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I had very few problems with WA before installing generations and pets. I bought and downloaded them both within a week of each other, so I'm not sure which is the culprit and am not interested in uninstalling and re-installing both of the ep b/c of this one issue.
So saying that my main issue is that my sim now disappears when arriving at the travel destination. This is VERY frustrating as I would like to be able to get up to a level 3 visa. Problem only occurs with sims who have traveled to the area before. So I'll get up to level 2 and then when I want to return my sim won't be there.
Running windows 7 64bit. Have all patches and my graphics card is fine as well as memory availability.

Joined: 01/17/10 01:07 AM
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I just downloaded the most recent game update and started a new Sim. He can travel to France & China but when he tries to go to Egypt the game goes there but my character is absent.
Also after loading the update I have noticed that the game is more jerky, sluggish & freezes for a few seconds now-and-then.
(I have the Base Game, World Adventure, & Ambitions).

Joined: 01/02/10 09:47 PM
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Obviously I did not read all 39 pages of this thread before posting, but search turns up no results so I assume that it hasn't been mentioned. When my sim goes on vacation, some items in her inventory mysteriously disappear. The only things that I have noticed are that all her fish are gone every time she travels (to or from home), and once she even lost Pangu's Axe! (I had to use buydebug to get that one back). I don't know what other objects she might have lost in transit but I know that the fish always disappear. The Pangu's Axe thing only happened once.

As a side note, my game also freezes up a lot. This never happened before WA. (I got WA and Late Night at the same time, and had Generations and Pets previously, with no major issues.)

You had me at "Hello, world!"
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