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May I give you flowers? - giveaway thread  XML
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Joined: 06/01/09 06:06 PM
Messages: 60

Once finals are over next week, I'm going to start playing with genetics with these 2 Staffordshire Terriers!

Minty (Female)

Luke (Male)

Please visit my website to see creations, challenges, and legacies!

Joined: 03/25/12 04:34 PM
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how do u upload pics to forum posts

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Joined: 01/12/10 09:26 AM
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Location:United States

I don't know how to post pics but I can tell my story. My sim Cathy is a professional self-employed horsewoman. Right now she has 3 horses. Hot Chocolate, a stallion....Gold Nugget, a stallion, and Paper Mache', a mare. She's been training them all and competes in showjumping, racing, and cross country. So far she has 20 trophies in her collection (mostly the stallions, as the mare is just getting started in competition. She hopes to bring all 3 horses well past the regular 10 skill levels all the way to every championship level and then breed and sell foals from them. She has about 6 skills she's working on. She likes 1 level to being a champion horsewoman. And has rated up to 10 on most of her skills. For the 1st time I'm trying to go as far up the ladders as I can take these 3 horses and their owner in every way possible. It's tough and really keeps me busy...but oh so much fun!

Joined: 06/16/09 09:50 PM
Messages: 2

No pics, but my rockstar couple are going to be very busy raising little Suzette and playing yet more gigs!

Joined: 04/04/10 01:44 PM
Messages: 34

I am playing starlight shores at the moment and this is just a query i read young sebastions profile and his parents wish him to go uni but i was hoping someone might make a uni pack because his parenst want him to go uni

Joined: 04/06/12 04:17 AM
Messages: 1
//shard000/854/906/011/00/screenshot_original.jpg to take care of him
//shard000/853/906/011/00/screenshot_original.jpg to get married
//shard000/852/906/011/00/screenshot_original.jpg to move into a bigger house
//shard000/850/906/011/00/screenshot_original.jpg and to take care of their family of 5

Joined: 06/16/09 05:22 PM
Messages: 63

I am starting a story about a sim name Tara Sharkey's rise to fame as an acrobat


Joined: 06/03/09 02:14 AM
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Location:The Prosper Room

My newest Legacy heir, Grace, just started the 7th generation with Marilyn. My plans are for her to have a child every time she wishes for one


Joined: 05/04/12 05:22 AM
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I just bought the Sims today and finished finals week. I plan on kicking off my summer by building a rocking pad for my new Sim family.

Joined: 02/27/12 02:50 AM
Messages: 311

Hey, SimGuruPopTart. Thanks for the gift! They're a nice addition to my game.

A couple members of my Sims family would like to say thank you, as well (it made for a nice housewarming present):

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"Where to, Miss?"
"...To the stars."

Joined: 03/31/10 04:47 PM
Messages: 7

My laptop recently got repaired and completely wiped so I'm having to re-start one of my legacy games... I also want to start an equestrian sim story arc, but also want to start a town from scratch. No houses, no sims.

Joined: 06/27/09 10:37 PM
Messages: 39

Well, my Sim husband (Peter) reached the top of his Hit Movie Composer career. My Sim wife (Pennie) still needs to reach the top of her Fashion Phenomenon goal. I'm working on getting both of them to improve their artistic/creativity skills. And they have two sons (Parker and Patrick) to raise - they're both toddlers right now, their birthdays are coming up soon! Their kittens, Pichu and Corwin, still have some growing up to do, as well! I'm not really good with making up a storyline. XD

I'm hoping to buy a few EP's this summer so I can have more fun with my Sims family - Showtime, World Adventures, and Late Night are on my wishlist... and I may have to repurchase Generations... long story short, I had game issues, and was instructed to manually uninstall then manually reinstall everything. Every EP and SP installed fine, except Generations.

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Joined: 01/06/12 09:55 AM
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Location:Somewhere in a Forest

Recently I began making a town in Create-A-World. Right now I'm designing its residents! I really want to get a good mix of different Sims, so I'm looking at pictures and magazines for inspiration. It will take a while to finish, but I think I'll be happy to take my time with it. Then I'll get to build lots of different houses! My favorite part.

You can earn free money and even trade them for simpoints at SwagBucks! Sign up at and I get bonus points!

Joined: 01/01/10 02:31 PM
Messages: 578

I have no pics but my Sim has finally saved enough money and built a small dwelling on her land. (Doing the Rags to Riches Challenge)

No more does she have to use the Gym for her daily Shower etc... Finally she has a cheap bed instead of that back aching sleeping bag. At last she can prepare some food instead of mooching from disgruntled neighbours

She cannot yet afford a TV or PC but the library is helping her knowledge grow.
She has also planted her first two seeds lettuce and tomato........ so salads galore.

After months of fishing, gem/rock gathering and harvesting fruit and vegs by sneaking in neighbouring gardens and stripping their gardens bare, to sell, she has scraped enough money to have a 3 day break in Paris this May Bank Holiday. Somewhere she has always dreamed to go and feels she has earnt the holiday.

When she gets back some hard decisions will have to be made on starting a career.
The options are endless and she has an excited feeling in her stomach, about the future, and feels her life is getting on track

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Joined: 09/07/11 09:22 AM
Messages: 1620

Hi SimGuruPopTart

Thank you for the lovely gift

I will be building a couple of new homes for my sims soon, so I'm looking forward to see the new decorations there.

As usual, I will try to make better sims and run threads here on the forum with my friends. These are my favourite activities.

Have a great week end
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