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Confused about the newest nraas story progression  XML
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Apology i've posted the same repeat issue.

Recently i install the newest version of nraas story progression. After reading the description on the nraas official website, i'm still confused.
This is my first time using the story progression mod because i don't want the supernatural neighbours to move out of the town. Therefore instead of turning off the story progression, i get the nraas mod.
So here's the thing. After installing it, is it normal that all the sims around the town keep having relationship and breaking up within a day without stop, new babies keep poping out and many teen sims grow into young adult within a day or two?
If i just want to prevent the neighbours from moving out but keep every other things the same way as before, how shall i set the mod?
Could anyone help please? Thank you!

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Yeah, you should be able to adjust the settings. Click on your sim and chose Nrass, then story progression from there you will have several options. Play around with them cause you can pretty much dictate what you want. Like how many pets or sims a family can have. You can manage relationships, like allow marriage, divorce and so on.

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Yes, it is normal. And you can manage the towns options by clicking on town hall or a pc. However, if you change too much there's a chance you town won't progress on it's own if you turn all the relationships off etc. Then in a few gens you'll notice everyone is getting old and there's no new kids. That might be frustrating to have the constant break ups and new relationships, but it really does allow the town to grow and mix up, which is good because you wind up with a lot of fun characters and children.

Also there's a way to clean up your sim bin and only have really pretty sims in there and in the town. So that your town has only pretty sims spawn from your bin or mate with other pretty sims. I've seen some very beautiful sims born in game because of this mod, and the town genetics that you can set up. But that's only if you are really picky about your game and hand pick all the families you put in a town. I've also seen some very ocd people who create gorgeous sims and make an entire population of just plain pretty. But it is a lot of work.

I did this once. I made a bunch of pretty sims and put them in my bin, and hid the ea sims from the bin. Then I deleted everyone in the town and repopulated it with sims from the bin. The mod then randomly pairs up sims in your bin and uses their genetics to populate the town. It's actually really really cool.


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Actually clicking on your Sims only turn the option off for that household. Go to the court house map tag or a computer in your home: click nraas then story-progression, then choose general option from there, there will be a list of option you can choose from. These option will help you choose the settings you like. I suggest you first choose the age setting in ea option menu to see if the aging for your Sims is set to short life-span.
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