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The Bring Me To Life Challenge  XML
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I don't know if anyone will be interested in doing this, but this is something I thought of one morning when I couldn't sleep. As far as I know there isn't a challenge out there like this, if there is, I apologize.

Summary ~ This challenge is about a second chance at life. You will be using a brought back to life version of a EA pre-made sim (of your choosing) and giving them a second chance at life.

I will do my best to keep an eye on this thread, so if anyone wants to post links to their threads/blogs/websites to advertise their challenge, I will add the link to the third post.

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Rules ~ Guidelines

1. Must be a EA pre-made ghost that has been turned into a human sim. They can be from any EA town or world, including store worlds/towns.

Add on - I was asked if the first Generation can be two resurrected ghosts. The answer is yes. But, it can only be the first Generation. All the following generations must have an live heir that marries a former ghost.

2. How you get them back to life is up to you. You can use the "Oh, my ghost" opportunity and ambrosia or the genie to resurrect them. Or download a "live" version of them off the exchange, just please give credit to the simmer you get them off of. Just whatever works for you and your story.

Add On - You are allowed to tell their resurrection story however you want. You do not actually have to just say they got brought back from ambrosia etc (example) and not have your own story/spin on it. You can bring them back that way and instead say they got brought back by a lightning strike or something but feel free to use your creativity on this one.

3. It can be a ghost from the age of a child to Elder, but once alive, must be put on the Young Adult life stage, unless your story requires them to be a child or teenager first. You can do this with the CAS cheat or trigger their age if they're a child or teenager.

4. Leave traits as is, unless some traits are missing. Then you are allowed to choose the remaining traits.

5. Life Span - Long. So it's Baby - 12 days, Toddler - 30 days, Child - 30 days, Teenager - 60 days, Young Adult - 90 days, Adult 90 days and Elder - 72 days.

6. You may edit their clothing, accessories, hair style and make up. You may also add nails and piercings (if you use CC). But you can not change their skin tone, hair color or looks/genetics as in body shape and features. If their weight or muscle mass changes in game due to game play, that is fine.

7. You are not able to change their likes, voice, favorites or Lifetime Wish.

8. What world/town you use for them is up to you. It can be a EA world or a Custom World.

9. You can tell your story for the sim (s) from any point of view you want.

10. The less cheating, the better. Mods are allowed, but try to challenge yourself.

11. For the first generation, you must move your sim into a unfurnished and cheap house. As a newly resurrected sim, they'll be starting over from pretty much nothing. Once they get more money, you can redecorate and add things to the house.

12. No money cheats, except for the Lifetime Rewards cheats or inheritance of wishing for money through the genie. Those you will have to work up too.

13. Once your sim (s) has more money, they can either move, add onto their current home or you may build a home for them. They do not have to stay in the same home.

14. Supernatural Sims are allowed as spouses. Just keep in mind that certain types of sims will change how long a Generation lasts.

15. Do not use the Salon to change your sims clothing. In a lot of games, there is a glitch where it will reset your sims' age.

16. You may edit your town as you see fit, meaning you can delete certain lots you don't use and add new ones. You may also edit the clothing of townies. I don't know about y'all, but I get tired of looking at some of their clothing. But leave their genetics as is.

17. Painting, Gardening, Fishing and etc are allowed for extra income.

18. Must have a spouse, Whether they end up married or simply living with the other sim is up to you. That sim can also be whoever you want, a townie, a sim you made or one you get off the exchange. Just make sure to give credit if you go that route, please.

19. Must produce at least two children, a heir and a spare. If you want more children though, that is totally up to you. At some point, choose the heir for the next generation. What you do with the other child or children is up to you.

20. When babies are born, if the game allows it, roll the dice. Whatever two traits come up, are the traits for the baby. Once they are children, repeat the rolling of the dice (if the game allows) and whatever traits comes up, that's the one the child will have. Same for when they become a teenager. But when they reach Young Adult, if the game allows, you may choose their last trait.

Add on to rule 20 - With the release of University, sims can now have up to two more traits. You are allowed to pick these traits.

21. No aging up kids early. You may buy a Birthday cake on their Birthday and age them up that way, but only if it's on their Birthday. The game will let you know when that special day arrives.

22. One of the sims must have a job or profession. It can even be a part-time job, that is up to you. They are allowed to eventually quit or retire from their job (s).

23. No butlers or Bonehilda, but you may have a maid once you can afford it. Babysitters are also allowed.

24. Must teach toddlers two skills before they age up. What those two skills are is your choosing.

25. If your sims has family ties that existed before their death, is up to you what you want to do with that. But if they had a child prior to their death, that child will not count as one of the two children that is a requirement. That child can be added to the household if under the young adult life stage though.

26. If the sims' spouse has a child from a previous relationship under the age of Young Adult, they may be added to the household, but they will not count as one of the two children required to accomplish a generation.

27. At least 5 Generations to complete this challenge, if you want to continue beyond that, then you are more than welcome to do so.

28. Each Generation/couple pairing must consist of at least one sim that has been resurrected. One of them must have been a pre-made EA ghost that has been brought back to life. Again, how you do that is up to you.

29. The next Generation will officially take over whenever you choose.

30. You may move the household to another town/world when you see fit. Some of us have experienced glitches that have forced us to move the households. And sometimes some of us just want something different.

31. If a accidental death happens, the other sim must go on. They are allowed to remarry or find someone new. If the two children requirement hasn't been met by that time, if you have one child from the first pairing, they will be your heir. If you have no children from the first pairing, then start with the second pairing and move on from there.

32. No using the midlife crisis LTW reward to change traits. No using social influence points to change the traits. As stated before, leave traits as is.

33. I have found out that there is also a CAS cheat glitch. Which means you need to edit your sims clothing & hair through the dressers and mirrors. Otherwise it totally throws off the aging for the challenge. I've experienced this myself.

34. You can not use Grim's Ghastly Manor to bring the sims back to life. I'm saying no on this because the sim could end up as someone else or a pet. You can use the venue to stage it for your story, but no using it to actually bring them back to life.

35. When aging your sim (s) from adult to elder, make sure the game doesn't change their eyebrows. I have personally had this issue with more than one sim. You are allowed to go into CAS and change their eyebrows back to the ones they had before. Because this is something the game messes up. It isn't messing with their genetics, it's fixing an issue the game created.

36. Once one generation has completed the requirements (producing offspring, etc) you can let them die of old age or you can chose when they pass on.

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Additional Information and Q & A.

When choosing a ghost, I found this website to be very helpful.

Another way to bring a ghost back to life is through CAS. You change them to human, save the sim to the bin. Then pull up create a household. The sim will be saved to the bin, as a human.

Q - Can their last names be changed?
A - If it's not their maiden name, yes. For example, Cornelia Goth. (She's not usable for this, but she's an example.) Her last name would be changed back to Crumplebottom, if the writer so chooses.
Also the last name can be changed once your sim marries.

Your sims LTW do not have to be completed in order to complete a generation. You don't change it, but it doesn't have to be completed.

Your sim can have a child with someone else first and then two with the spouse you choose for them.

Q - Are we allowed to edit them if their face is messed up like a line or something?

A - Yes or the "beaver teeth" problem. That is allowed. Just enought to fix the issue. Otherwise do not mess with their features.

Q - I was curious though, with University life, would making a clone of a deceased sim count?

A - Nope, it needs to be the actual sim.

Q - Does a baby born before the ghost is resurrected count?

A - If the baby is a ghost, no. The heir/spare need to be alive. But if the baby is a live baby, he or she counts.

Q - Would Tatiana Salas's (Midnight Hollow)baby count as a potential ghost?

A - Since Tatiana is a ghost, created by EA and the baby (no matter the gender) is created by EA, as a ghost. The answer for this one is yes.

Info on some ghosts for future use.

chenmn123 wrote:Also, as I had a saved game in the past with all the non-elderly ghosts of all towns (except of Monte Vista, as it didn't come out yet and Aurora Skies, from the same reason and because I don't own it), I thought I'd recommend some ghosts simmies to ressurect in the future of your stories...

Opal Suarley from SV:
Cute as a button! Definitely deserves a second chance!

Bernand Broke from RV:
Wonder what's his connection to the Broke family of RV...

Macy Clay and Lacy Darer from TB:
Even though they don't show that way in their family trees, they are awesome twins!

Ophelia Piece from BB:
She even has a bio that explains her death and her past relations!

Marabel Goldbeard from BB:
As her bio suggests, she's one of the "oldest" ghosts in the cemetery...

Ruth Chrysanthemum from HS:
She's awesome in every way! I suspect she's Star Shue's biological mother!

Posie Landgraab from LL:
A relation to the Landgraabs from the future! That would be interesting!

Jimmy Lemmon from SS:
The famous late husband of a successful acrobat! Interesting already!

Glorianna Sparks from LP:
Unique looks and personality!

Amika Kahale from ST:
The deceased sister of the governor of Sunlit Tides! Plus she has an awesome personality!

Fricorith Tricou from MF:
Fricorith! The only Tricou returning from the Tricou family of TS2 Nightlife! I remember being so happy that he returned!

Frida Goth from MF:
I wanted her to return for a very long time and I was glad when she did! Her story is awesome too!

Violet Slymer from MF:
Violet is interesting in every way! She also has an awesome story!

Octavius Capp from MV:
Can't have a list without a Capp! Why is he in Monte Vista and is it one of the reason for the future Capp-Monty feud? So awesome!

If I had Aurora Skies I'd probably find a good ghost there too, I find it hard to believe that I don't obsess too much about not knowing all the premades in TS3 yet...

Life Time Reward Points - Which ones are allowed to be used. Some will be no, because this is a challenge. As in challenging ourselves.

Above Reproach - Yes
Acclaimed Author - No
Age Freeze - No (because then the sims could never die of old age)
All Weather Champion - Yes
Alpha Dog - Yes
Always on the List - Yes
Animal Expert - No
Artisan Crafter - No
Attractive - No
Better Mixologist -No
Body Sculptor - No
Bookshop Bargainer - No
Born to Cook - No
Carefree - No
Change Lifetime Wish - No
Change of Taste - Yes
Clean Slate - No
Climatron Control Unit - Yes (can be useful for storytelling purposes)
Clone Voucher - No
The Cloud-inator 9000 - Yes
Collection Helper - No
Competitive Eater - No
Complimentary Entertainment - No
Dirt Defiant - No
Discount Diner - No
Dusty Old Lamp - Yes (and you are allowed to wish for money from them)
Efficient Inventor - No
Engaging - No
Entrepreneurial Mindset - No
Excellent Groupie - Yes
Extra Creative - No
ExtraordinAIRe-Inator - Yes
Eye Candy - No
Fast Learner - No
Fast Metabolism - No
Fearless Voyager - No
Festival Frequenter - No
Fertility Treatment - No (the potion however is allowed, since you have to skill up to accomplish that)
Fireproof Homestead - No
Flying Vacuum - Yes
Food Replicator - Yes
Friend of the Kraken - No
Future Sim - No
Haggler - No
Hardly Hungry - No
Hotel Mogul - No
Hover Bed - Yes
The Hustler - No
Immortal - No
Immune to Cold - No
Immune to Heat - No
Inappropriate But in a Good Way - No
Inheritance - Yes, as you have to work up to it. I'm allowing this one.
Jetsetter - No
King or Queen of the Fae - Yes
Learned Relic Hunter - No
Legendary Host - No
Long Distance Friend - Yes
Lungs of Steel - No
Magic Hands - No
Maintenance Master - Yes
Map to the Stars - Yes
Master of Seduction - No
Meditative Trance Sleep - No
Mermadic Kelp - Yes
Mid-Life Crisis - No
Moodlet Manager - No
Motive Mobile - No
Multi-tasker - No
My Best Friend - Yes
Never Dull - No
The Next Big Thing - No
No Bills Ever - No
No Jealousy - No
Observant - Yes
Office Hero - No
Opportunistic - No
Perfect Host - Yes
Permanent Mermaid - No
Philosopher's Stone - Yes (allowing this because it's connected to a death type)
Portal Immunity - No
Prepared Traveler - Yes
Professional Slacker - No
Profession Simoleon Booster - No
Raised by Wolves - Yes
Simmunity - No
Speedy Cleaner - No
Steel Bladder - No
Stone Hearted - No
Strong Stomach - No
Suave Seller - No
Super Green Thumb - No
Super Nanny - No
Teleportation Pad - No
That Was Deliberate - No
Time Remote Control - No
Trait Chip Bundle - No
Uncharted Island Map - Yes
Vacationer - No
Watering Hole Regular - No
Young Again - No

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Okay, I got all the information down now. Feel free to ask questions if you have them.


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Ooo, sounds cool!


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magic345w wrote:Ooo, sounds cool!

Thank you


Joined: 10/03/12 11:48 PM
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Awesome! I was thinking about doing this exact thing for Agnes Crumplebottom's fiance.

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth<33

Joined: 09/30/11 10:18 PM
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RandomPerson456 wrote:Awesome! I was thinking about doing this exact thing for Agnes Crumplebottom's fiance.

Thank you He would be perfect for it


Joined: 05/16/09 10:57 PM
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sounds good. may give it a try when I get back to my gaming computer.

Joined: 09/30/11 10:18 PM
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fleshjenn wrote:sounds good. may give it a try when I get back to my gaming computer.

Thank you and cool Let me know if you do, I'd love to read other simmer's versions of this.


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I think this is a fabulous idea. I hate the baby thing, but bookmarked it to watch.
As far as I know, Agnes was married? I always find that unfinished nursery in her home pretty sad.
Useful of course that the grave is right there on the property.
Would make a pretty cool tale if someone does that one!

Joined: 09/30/11 10:18 PM
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Grandmothergamer wrote:I think this is a fabulous idea. I hate the baby thing, but bookmarked it to watch.
As far as I know, Agnes was married? I always find that unfinished nursery in her home pretty sad.
Useful of course that the grave is right there on the property.
Would make a pretty cool tale if someone does that one!

Thank you

Yep, she married Erik, but he drowned on their honeymoon. Pretty sad And I agree


Joined: 10/03/10 07:37 PM
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oh dear, if I knew this many people were interested in Erik Darling I wouldn't have did my challenge on him

But, here's the first chapter on my challenge. the founder is Erik Darling.


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mosneakers wrote:oh dear, if I knew this many people were interested in Erik Darling I wouldn't have did my challenge on him

But, here's the first chapter on my challenge. the founder is Erik Darling.

I don't think anyone has actually done anything with him yet, as far as I know. Plus you have a totally different take on him I added the link to the list of challenges

I love it Momo! Seriously!

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