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Joined: 12/24/09 12:43 PM
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cata4171 wrote:I have a feeling that this guy Hamming is gonna make a new Goth Dynasty like we did in Sims 1
I dont have the game yet so I dont have a personnal opinion for this guy.Tomorrow when I install LN I ll check him out.

Have fun with LN. My favorite expansion is Ambitions, but LN is second.

sool sool

Joined: 08/29/10 12:39 AM
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Matthew Hamming is an elder in my game now. My sim is a guy so he and my sim are best friends. I made them best friends for my sim's celebrity rating to up up since Matthew is a 5 star celeb.

Joined: 05/16/09 06:28 PM
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I think I can see why so many might get their sims involved with him, and it's certainly not about his looks.

He was the first sim my sim had a major star struck reaction. It was the first time I had seen her gush over someone like that.
He is a bit odd looking in a TS3 simmy way.

Sorry, Mr Hamming, but you've been made over in a major way.

The look on her face says: "I want Hamming!" I can't refuse her.

Her boyfriend is the redhead on the left. In my storyline he is suppose to cheat on her. I think her response is to cheat back with Hamming. This will lead to a break up and her boyfriend will have to leave to find fame on his own.


Joined: 10/02/09 07:14 PM
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My sim Candy is romantically linked to Matthew Hamming but I may have her date Derek Ashton...he's much cuter but not that big of a star, which is fine, because Candy is 4 star celeb, so is her roomie Casey McFadden who is the boyfriend of Marina Prattle, who I must say is very attractive for being made by EA. I made over Marina, Lilly-Bo and Brianna, they all looked a bit 'safe' so now their looks are very much city'ish and up'ity.

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i hate him, lol


Joined: 03/31/10 10:04 PM
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I've been trying to track him down for my sim to date but I've only seen him around town once and that was when my sim only had one star so he wasn't interested then even though she tried to impress him lol There's another sim she's been flirting with but he's not as famous so I want to set her up with Matthew instead!

Joined: 06/03/09 12:12 PM
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I'm surprised more Sims aren't somewhat after Lola Belle, who in my opinion reminds me of Lady GaGa, who is also a 5 Star Celebrity Pop star, haha.

Joined: 06/08/09 01:03 AM
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This is what happened to him in my game

And Lucretia was all like, "Yes, now my co-star is gone!"

And despite the fact they were married...
She moved right on. Didn't grieve at all.


Joined: 09/13/09 05:19 PM
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This is horrible of me...sure Matt is cute okay very cute and I had my Vampire Lady stalk him for days trying to get to know him better. But then something happened and I lost all interest for him. He opened his mouth, talked and the high pitch wasn't to my likeing.

My Vampire Lady gave up chasing him and I made a sim guy for her that has a nice middle button rich voice with the slider slightly off to the left and moved him in.


Joined: 06/01/09 12:25 AM
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I can't find where he lives in my game. Checked all the mansions and no Hamming in any of them. He is in my game though.

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jujee55 wrote:I can't find where he lives in my game. Checked all the mansions and no Hamming in any of them. He is in my game though.

Are you sure you checked in the hills lol? He lives right next to the Big Bling family. He's never home, though.


Joined: 05/29/09 01:31 PM
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So my sim sees Matthew Hamming and her whole life changes. She starts to get famous just for dating him. Well they end up getting married and she gains 5 star status overnight! But the joke is on her bc on the morning after their marriage Matt ages up into an old man. What a bummer. Well, my sim thinks time is ticking now so she gets pregnant on the first try. Now she's got a baby and an old man. This is not the city life she thought she'd have. But hey, she's still young there are still bar counters to dance on. Matt got old, not her! The party is back on lol

Just wanted to update you on Matthew Hammings son. He aged up nicely. He is virtuoso, artistic, and star quality. All this plus he's a child of famous 5 star parents. He should have a very interesting future. What do you think, I think he looks just like Matthew

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I Dream of Sims

Joined: 03/23/10 07:55 PM
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matthew hamming... he is the sim who got me my three star rating and got me on my way to stardom.. he asked me to move in and of course i said yes.. i loved his house, but i wanted one of those penthouse suites.. so i moved out, we werent anything more but romantically involved in each other so no friendship was lost.. but he is gorgeous and i have a pic up on facebook of him

Joined: 06/03/09 06:19 PM
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My sim (my avatar) married him after they met at the Prosper Club. He has the "commitment issues" trait but they are wildly in love so no problems have occurred. Since the couple are both 5-star Celebs now they get random people coming up to the windows of their house. The 'stalkers' are really annoying and of course the paparazzi stand at the front gate waiting for something juicy to happen too. They had a baby girl yesterday, she's adorable. He's a good catch.

We accept the love we think we deserve.

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perfectvelvet wrote:
thieusmommy wrote:So people have been able to marry Matthew Hamming or move in with him? I was wondering if there is a glitch in my game. I haven't been able to get those interactions to come up for me. I am tired of being poor and don't want to cheat, so I want his money.

With celebrities, you can't talk to them (meaning, call them on the phone or invite them over) until you become more famous yourself - or if you're friends, I suppose, but it's hard to become friends unless you're famous! With no stars, I think my sim was able to get an autograph of a celebrity, but with one star, she could at least try to impress him with her skills or wealth. (She didn't have much of either, so he was not interested, lol.) She still can't call celebrities on the phone because she's not as famous/popular as them, and they don't know who she is.

I got to friend him by "impressing" him a couple of time, then chatting him up as soon as I could. In about 30 minutes he was a friend. My Sim is a vampire, so I may try to get him to move in to have a "fresh dinner" on hand. lol

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