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Butler disappeared.  XML
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Joined: 03/31/12 05:55 AM
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Everyone has to keep up a good relationship with your butler. If you don't pay him and ignore him he will eventually leave! You have to keep a good relationship with him or her. Hoped I helped! Happy Simming!

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My butler drove off the other day and I watched him and the next day I went to the apartment complex he went to (the one right next to the brdge. The name has something to do with "founder") and called him and there wasn't any options like dismiss or fire or anything when I buzzed him down.

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The quickest way I found to get a new butler is to delete the old bed if the butler goes missing. In some cases in my game he was entirely I couldn't call him, he no longer appeared in the relationship panel.

Someone told me awhile back this is an old bug and the butler is actually attached to the person in the household so if they die then the butler is dissappears (don't know about all that) but my Sims weren't dead.

I sell the bed and get a new one so I can call a new butler. I have no idea where these butlers are going but it seemed to happen only if my Sims are in the new careers...weird.

Perhaps because one of my Sims was gone on tour (simported) and gone that made the game think they were no longer in the home and the butler is attached to the household and so the game got rid of them? Though he disappears when my Sims are back home from Simported. I quit Simporting and stopped using the new careers and it hasn't happened anymore.

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I've now hired my butler 3 times..set her bed each time...she never shows up...(kept resetting her every time she didnt show up) now its the 4th im watching like a hawk for her to appear....the butler is RUNNING right past my apartment, so i try to chase her down with my sim to fire her...and she just randomly the action goes away.....>.<

<3 Love Gaby <3

Joined: 05/07/12 01:18 AM
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yeah I'm already used to rehiring every week

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Ugh so many bugs on Late Night it is driving me crazy. My Butler shows up gets in a another cab and drives away. I call her and she says she is working. I move and hire a new one and the old one just shows up and jumps in a cab again and drives away. This is ridiculous why bother to put in the use of Butlers if they are useless.

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how bout lock your doors towhere only your household can get in and out? oh and i wasent thinking my guests can telaport out pls help me with that pls

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Preciously, I had some frustrating problems with my maid, butler, and other NPCs. All of them just came up to the gates and then ran away to the Movie Studios, and never came back. They were hanging out there all the time.
That was really disappointing because I had a lot of luxurious stuff, earned a lot of money, mastered all my skills, etc. I didn't have any desire to start all over again. But I really needed my butler to be at home and clean my house.

I tried everything that people suggested on the forums but it didn't solve my problem.
After some speculations, I decided to try to move everything (houses, characters) to the new game. How I did it.

First, I sold all the property that I invested money it, like the night clubs, etc. to collect my money back. Than I copied my house with my characters who lived in there. (this option you'll find in “Edit Town”). So my house with my sims appeared in some kind of a game storage. The same I did to my property in China and Egypt (I didn't have a house in France). Next, I created a New Game, chose the same map. I took my saved old house with sims in it and placed on the same place (you can choose any place; it doesn't matter). The same I did with my foreign houses.
After everything had been done, I was able to hire a new butler who CAME, GOT IN THE HOUSE, AND STAYED.
The only thing you'll lose is relationships with friends and other people you met in the game.
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