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Store Update - In the Works (Updated 5/14/2012)  XML
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Joined: 02/21/12 08:44 AM
Messages: 8

I wanna know after i downloaded the last sims 3 update skin colors turned like ugly, they have like a gross tint to them and i don't know why, and other people iv'e talked to have had the same problem, so i think that should be fixed

Joined: 06/08/09 09:07 PM
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TwilightStar09 wrote:Any word on the issues with purchasing Simpoints? Can we get some official feedback on just what the issue with mobile purchasing and paypal purchasing are? Also, even my credit card isn't working, so is there something going on?

I have the same problems with paypal. I don't want to put my credit card details into a site that doesn't work. How do I know it's safe?

Joined: 11/15/09 06:50 PM
Messages: 6

ok i just bought simpoint and then purchased the magic some of it wont download and i have 7 $1.00 charges plus the total 21.20 hcarge..and cant seem to find any help in the matter gettin very ticked off....any answers anyone?

Joined: 08/06/10 05:20 PM
Messages: 286

I just got the store content patch! I'm about to install it, but will it mess up any of my CC from MTS3?


Joined: 11/12/10 05:00 PM
Messages: 909

So, the BahHaus Fence was on the list to be fixed, got the update - and it still doesn't show up. Why?


Joined: 05/29/09 07:52 AM
Messages: 1251

Can you give us an update? I'd love to see my Fountain of Youth finally work after purchasing Hidden Springs a while back.

Joined: 05/29/09 07:45 PM
Messages: 1102

I know that store update has come and gone but for next time could the team try and work on the bait fishing thing I know that people have mentioned it in the past but as far as I can tell from past patches and updates it has not been addressed I think it is similar to the fish tank issue.

Joined: 12/29/09 01:45 PM
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Joined: 06/03/09 05:57 AM
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TwilightStar09 wrote:Any word on the issues with purchasing Simpoints? Can we get some official feedback on just what the issue with mobile purchasing and paypal purchasing are? Also, even my credit card isn't working, so is there something going on?
Same problem for me, sale ends tomorrow 50% off 1000 simoleans and I still can't buy....sigh

Joined: 05/02/12 10:41 PM
Messages: 47

When will the store be working for the steam version of the game? I can't even make it work from the webpage. It's been saying that it's down whenever I try to buy points for well over a month.


Got the store to work on the launcher, but now I still can't buy simpoints because I don't live in the US. When selecting a country, it only gives the US option. Canada gets shafted again.


Still can't access the store from the website itself. Seriously. About a month and a half of this.

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Joined: 06/05/09 07:42 AM
Messages: 17059
Location:Center Ossipee, NH

Did you guys turn on Origin so it can update as there was an update last Saturday and then you need to go update Adobe Flash player - as Origin fixes the store and the launcher but only if it and your game is up to date to the newest versions, and to fix the launcher it needs the newest version of Adobe flash player.

As I have not had a problem with my credit card nor has my neice had a problem with Paypal. The mobile I can't answer as I don't know anyone who uses their mobile to buy points. But the store is running great now I updated all that stuff.


Joined: 03/05/11 07:40 AM
Messages: 1646

ciane wrote:If you are looking at fixing issues...

I have both the teen jet set and the elder jet set. Both show as owned by me.

Yet a friend gifted me the vintage shoes and the putting on the glitz ones from the set last night and when I checked today, it let me put an item of elder clothing on my wishlist that I already own in the elder jet set attire. That is just wrong! Please fix pronto. Thank you.

Dear Gurus!

Can we hope, this will be sistemated? Now I have found 2 sets in my purchase history, where I'm not owning single items (they should be more, because I've not checked all sets, and I'm not speaking now about Compilations - subsets).
What should we do? Buy this things again? What can we do for see this batched like "owned" on this site (not on non official program) Please, fix at least single items.

Thank You for understanding and answer.

Joined: 04/26/10 03:45 PM
Messages: 248
Location:Playing in the wonderful weather!

Can the deep fryer please be fixed? My sims can't use it but they animate as if they're using it. And the ice cream maker doesn't work the action just disappears from my sims queue


Joined: 02/10/10 07:56 AM
Messages: 4

I cannot update my wishlist. When I click on the X to delete what I have already purchased, the item goes away, however there is NO WAY TO SAVE the wishlist. Can one of the IT TECH people either create a SAVE button for wishlists, or automatically remove items from the wishlist as they are purchased? Thanks. I cannot find a place that has talked about this, already. I do not know how to contact EAGAMES about this. It seems that they are too busy to answer phones, or answer chats, anymore.


Joined: 02/23/11 09:46 AM
Messages: 997

Here's what happened to me with the BahHaus if it adds to the pool of knowledge. It was there in all it's beauty, then suddenly I go into game, get the dreaded 'items missing', my sim looks weird, great big black fence. Exited without saving. Had a bright idea, d/l'd the Sim I'd made for my Avi update on that lot, installed it, went back into lot, sim back to normal, + BahHaus fence back, [without the 'stud' detail] and back in build mode. Also back on other lots where I had used it.
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