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What I learned at the Nordic Event (picture heavy!) -Done!-  XML
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This will be messy, since I was so stressed out at the event and then to my HUGE surprise had one whole hour of gaming less than promised beforehand. If I'd have known I'd never put time into being interviewed by radio, and wouldn't have asked Argus so many weird questions. That extra hour would've given me time to have a plantsim, take pics of all the new dream jobs and Lots more! But life's not fair, so this will be what it is. I estimate I managed to play for around 2,5 hours, and as always fell into the CAS and buy/buildmode trap.

Though, have to say: I LOVED attending! I was sick with the flu on the verge of collapsing, but couldn't not come anyway. I tried to not cough at anyone and stay in a corner. The event was awesome! But I'm very mad at the last hour vanishing just all of a sudden. However!

My plan: full household, one sim/major + two slackers who would max skills and do other things meanwhile, and just get as much as possible out of it.

There is more info+pics in page 2!

...and all the 370 pics and printscreens I took can be found here
+ a few of Maria's and Antonina's

And do not miss the great caption of the Gangnam Style Llama Mascot by iSims!

They arrived and I just plopped out some interesting items from buymode, got all "wow" from the interesting things in their inventories and before I knew it they were all shipped off onto their bikes for "meet and greet" at the union hall. And before that I of course got trapped in CAS.... where I noticed a few things of course, like the PLANTSIM CLOTHING! <3 And the awesome plantsim beard!

(more to be seen on photobucket soon!)

When ripping away moving them in I searched buydebug and found a gnome, which I later found in one of the proper ways it can appear, and the "plasma bug", which is properly gained when experimenting on the science machine with bugs, Argus was so kind as to share.

-feeling the messiness already- Ehm.. I just have to get this all out to you, the bus is going away in some 25 minutes -stressed out-

So when tagging walls, if getting caught you're driven home by police and charged 1000§

The social groups are awesome! On ones smartphone everything you gotta' know is written down and you can se the status of where you are at and other sims are at almost everywhere, and I learned the fastest way to max out is with LTR points, at any time!

THere are lots of interactions unique to each group, and also you get an item into the household "bin" in buy mode and so on.

Hilarious thing though is the dare to divide by zero. I was too suprised I didn't get the "brain explosion" on picture but the sim ignited and ran away screaming.

There are _two_ new deaths!
-getting crushed - by bed or vending machine, redbrownfeathery ghost. Vending machine was fastest way to get it, since the bed got you a moodlet saying it's dangerous after every failed attempt having to be gotten rid of before trying more. Slam/shake the vending machine instead.
-ranting about Death -> green ghost when your sim rants about death with the megaphone, Death appears all angry and says "don't do it again" and you have a 12h moodlet warning you, but if you do (which I of course did) it again Death appears again and you die "fully".

Plantsims, didn't get enough time since the forbidden fruit, which when eaten turns you into one, according to Argus, didn't grow fast enough! The fruit is gotten from experimenting at the science machine thing. You can also become plantsim if being test subject at the science facility. THen there was a third way but I lost what that was.
So science + plantsimish stuff now: -so stressed out-

Also, you get the huge science machine when maxing the skill! Apparently you can improve quality on items and so on in the small one.

There are more interesting machines and omg I HAVE TO RUN TO THE BUS SOON -so stressed- will just get a huge bunch of pics here and get back to writing later tonight!

Okay, gotta' run but here's a "first draft" xD lol... LOTS more + some sort of text with info will come! byebye, happy valentine's day!!

check here meanwhile!

.....Since this all got so spontaneous and chaotic from underestimating the time needed this all continues on page 2 with more pics + info about some of the pics here and so on, but I've again got way too much to do today to redo it all in a good way, so live with it xD I surely have forgotten to write down things, so ask away and I might actually know the answer Loving the game! So happy and thankful to get to come and try it! Will do better and be more organized next time, if there is one....

And check out the AWESOME Alexander's post and this one as well since they kidnapped a plantsim and have some beautiful pics and great info! And because I like those guys...! Great people!

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What I knew before going:

Launches March 5th in the US

- New town, same default one in all games, can be modified via edit town mode in base neighborhood or when arriving with your sim
- ya-elder can attend, leaving children/toddlers etc alone will result in hiring a babysitter
- Llama mascot
- Santa mascot
- Gives higher entry-level for jobs and faster promotions
- welcome kit -> aptitude test which can get you financial aid and shows what major is good for you and so on. Can invite the mascot back via the welcome kit
- enroll via phone/computer
- can enroll several at the same time
- choosing how long time to be there, 1 term or 2 terms which will be 1 or 2 weeks.
- time is frozen while being gone
- when enrolling, can adjust number of credits =?
- can’t “visit home” since you’re there such short amount of time anyways
- can only send away active household members to uni
- can’t get visitors from household back home/base neighborhood when in uni
- can’t be kicked out/expelled
- job back home is put on hold
- aptitude test score depends on traits, high school grades from being a teen and skills. Aptitude test can also give credits towards a major.


6 Majors – tie into careers, so if a career is “tied” and you’re high in it already you might not have to learn as much when taking that major and vice versa
- Communications – broadcast their own radio show – interview other sims and report on campus events
- Science and Medicine – bone up on anatomy using the skeleton
- Business
- Technology – boosts law enforcement and military careers
- Fine Arts
- looking like Psomething y something-very blurred- cnew-don’t have a clue. Physical Education it must be.
- Major-specific objects, you get them when enrolling the specific major
- Class activities
- lectures at student union
- can learn stuff from social activities
- books
- study groups
- nude painting and posing, most or all of the poses are standing
- group science projects
- can get multiple degrees = finish both fine arts and business for example, if going multiple times
- can get kicked out from class if you’re cheating
- you only keep your progress if the term is finished. Dropping out will make you lose what you’ve done so far that term.
- getting F or D means less or no credits that term
- each student gets an individual schedule based on what class chosen
- can check schedule and academic progress in “academic panel”
- seminar-style classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Can vary from introduction to dodging questions to methods and practice of tragic clowns. In a rabbithole building. Set your sims’ tone to affect the amount of academic benefit your sim’ll get. Sneaky sims can ask another sim to attend for them, though beware of consequences if noticed.
- lectures – Tuesdays and Thursdays, at the student union. Can ask questions, take notes , sleep and gain knowledge. A professor lectures in front with a whiteboard.
- class activites – can use academic objects to gain practical knowledge related to the major – gather with your classmates around campus and do that with the objects given when enrolling.
- can study at the computers and smartphones
- exams on Fridays – good mood helps, result impacts final grade, and grades matter when it comes to how big bonuses you’ll get at for example jobs

- dorms – can be customized fully when in edit town mode – can have the roommates cook/clean etc if enough relationship, maximum of 8 sims/dorm
- house, and then pay rent
- sorority = all girls place and vice versa with a fraternity
- you claim your bed
- can get a “roommate” who’ll reduce bills to live with you if you have unused/unwanted space in your house in the base neighborhood, put out an ad
- when back home you can call your love or friend from uni to chat or come visit you so you can get them
- can check the “job board” to earn money somehow

- Join/hold a protest
- Bonfire party
- Juice keggers party
- Juice pong
- Spray painting murals -> cred with The Rebels, can get caught by police
- doing juice keg stands
- take pics with phone together ?
- sit on grass with laptop
- ping pong on the Plink Plonk Tennis Table
- cheerleading /singing the school rhyme = the school pride cheer
- streaking
- learn stuff from mascot “learn to be a jedi? :S”
- throwing flying disc
- dive into trash container (and woohoo?)
- sketching, sitting on the ground, skill meter over the head. Can ask sims to pose for you, nude or not via the sketchbook
- bonfire, can throw more wood on it, or perhaps a test tube and see what happens
- be medical test subject

3 social groups
- The Nerds – hangout at Keith’s Komics + can win trivia challenges
- The Rebels – hangout at the Grotto( = café) + adding herbs to the bonfire, herbs in bonfire will affect nearby sims
- The Jocks –hangout at the bowlarama + great parties
- building cred with the groups gives “earing dream jobs” and “coveted extra trait”
- the groups exists even outside uni
- can be with one or all three, up to you
- as you climb each group’s social ladder you’ll unlock _several_ rewards
- “check social groups” on smartphone to see current status
- some of the rewards you’ll unlock might be interactions like “taking self-portrait with your smartphone” or “showing off a new gizmo”

- 3 new in total Argus thinks
- social networking skill – increase by texting, blogging and streaming video
- street art, ground murals
- science skill

- Heat of the Moment Kiss
- Juiced Kiss
- Cinnamon Kiss
- Marriage and pregnancy can’t take place while at uni
- dares (?)


Student union
- where lectures can be taken and you’ll head there at noon first day
- orientation booth where you can get freebies and info. Freebies can be flying discs, “kickee bag”? and something else?

Bowling alley
Roasted Toasted Beans –café?
Keith’s Komics – comic book store!
make out point

Dream jobs
- Art Appraiser
- Sports Agent
- Video Game Developer – via nerds
- gotten if you’re a legend with your social group

- Avant Garde
- Socially Awkward
- Irresistible
- Male – 4+
- female - 4+
- llama shirt for men looking awesome!
- Nyan Cat as print on female t-shirt
- and of course lots more, just gonna’ mention funny things here

NEW TRAIT SLOT as reward for the studies O_O

LTR stuff

Settings/messing around stuff
- can put the college buildings in base neighborhood via edit town, but won’t work exactly the same and will be like rabbit holes with some new interactions, NO CLASSES though. Credits only come while being on uni finishing terms.

- backpacks, can be worn by teens as well
- vending machines – can fall on top off you
- smartphones, customizable, and every sims gets them when installing UL, can snap photos, show videos, study on them and so on, can send secret admirer, break up and insulting texts
- barrista bar = pastries, herbal tea, energy drink, snack,
- murphy bed(, more interesting woohoo animation there?)

- ready to eat-recipes for microwave and refrigerator and some tasty treats from barista bar


Limited edition:
- Party pack bundle, including a statue affecting the party which will pop up ingame, toga party, masquerade event and formal stuff, party guests get mood boost and will dress properly for the party theme

Origin exclusive:
- “Vespas”, face paint, flags and some ragged clothes.

-Seasons will work at university
- pets won’t occur/show themselves on uni
- paparazzi have access
- aliens can come abducting or visiting


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wow, thank you so much for taking the time to assemble all that information for us it's greatly appreciated. I'm so glad you had time to enjoy the game as well


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Amazing pictures and amazing info. Thank you so much.

I might have freaked out when I saw we can now make pizza and popcorn.


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Awesome! Thank you so much for all of those pics and info, pulversoppa! Look at all of those new plants (and plantsims!) and the new microwave and quick meals! And the protests! Aaahhhh, I'm so excited!

Siggy made by the amazing Mona1996. Thank you!

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Thank you for all that!


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Thanks so much! Amazing pics.

Can I ask what the heck this is?!

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You did an awesome job! Thanks so much for posting!

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Grimmy at the juice keg = WIN.

This makes up for the live broadcast glitch, I guess.


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I can't wait for more information! Thanks a lot for this by the way. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day

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Absolutely loving this post! I can't wait for this to come out! I feel like I've been waiting for this forever

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Any images that will give us a better view of how the town is laid out.
I'm trying to determine good locations for my Secret Society house, mega dorm, and Greek house.


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Wow thank you. Great info here.

Are science only visible new skill???

How many new harvestable plants we will get?


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Brilliant. Thank you so much for posting this information. This is what I was hoping for today
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