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My work here is mostly finished. I'm no longer answering posts.

You're still welcome to post your issues, they just won't get added. EA is monitoring this thread so hopefully our report will be seen nevertheless.

For updates and news check my blog:

So, since this thread has already slowed down considerably, I will check back on Sunday, March 24th to see if there is anything major that needs adding but I won't answer everyone anymore. I know the time invested is shorter then in previous bug threads but I have planned this weekend (without Sims) a long while ago and I really don't feel like answering 3 days worth of new posts, especially on a weekend so I think this is a good point to wrap things up.

The bad bugs have been identified and now I will try to find infos on how we can prevent them. I am still checking in on those two other threads and see if we can find a common denominator. Also watch my blog for new info.

If you have the not arriving at Uni issue, please post here: [Error Analysis] Sim not arriving at University. The issue is to extensive to be handled here

If you have the not returning home after Uni issue, please post here: [Error Analysis] Sim can't return home after Graduation

Make sure to test on a vanilla game (that means deleting the mods as well as the cache files or use the factory reset approach) before you post an issue here

Few precautions you should take before going to University: Precautions for University Life

Manual Links to the patch is here: Patch 1.50

Major Issues with invalid files atm. Be patient. EA is looking into it. Please post here if you have the issue: or use the super patch linked in the above thread.

Before updating your game and/or installing the new EP, please make sure to follow these steps:

In Preparation for University Life
TUTORIAL: What to do before patching
FAQ: How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Ask here, if anything is unclear. It will help you avoid most patching problems.

If you have crashing issues, please make your own thread in the technical part of this forum. This one is about GAMEPLAY bugs

I do not have a solution for uninstalling Store content other than reinstalling all of them. If you have the issue, please post in the technical or Store technical section of this forum.

Please remove your mods before posting. Even if they say they are updated. You can only be sure something is a EA bug if you play a vanilla game.

There is no need for reading this whole thread but please check my posts on this first page if your issue has been reported and only post if you have extra info to add.

Remember that the patch will make your game 'EP' ready. Most of the bugs (unless they are specific to functionality of the EP) and fixes will also apply if you only have the patch and NOT the EP.


Please post the info asked in the second post and I'd appreciate it if you follow the rules

1. Please DO NOT VENT in this thread. If you are not happy with the game, post in another thread that most likely will pop up or start your own. I will need to read through all posts and venting will make me skip your post. Make your statement as calm and informative as possible.
2. Don't post things like: It doesn't work or I got an error message. I don't know how to help you with that. Describe as accurate as possible what you tried and what your problem is. Post any error messages you receive as you seem them (screen-shots are great)
3. Make sure that you have removed ALL your custom content, especially mods for they are most likely not compatible anymore. This also applies if you are only getting the patch. Check with the creators before putting them back.
4. You can also post your bugs/problems if you have not but the expansion but updated to the newest patch.
5. Please do not post any technical issues like crashes, graphic card problems or incompatibility messages. They go in the technical section of this forum and there are people there that can better help you than me.
6. Please read the compiled lists to see if anyone has posted before and if there's a solution to your problem. I will try to keep links so you can go to the post of the person for extra info but that might prove difficult if lots of people have the problem. If you have extra info to add, please do so. Also let me know if you feel that I have misinterpreted your post.
7. Also consult my blog at Crinrict's Sims 3 Help Blog to see if you are running into an old problem that already has a solution
8. You may also post any fixed bugs or solutions you might find.
9. Please do not link to another post if you have already posted somewhere else. Copy/Paste your post and add the link as extra info. This forum will probably be a pain to navigate again and if I don't have to go consult other threads to what might be your problem, that's a huge relieve.
10. Keep in mind that I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys. Be patient, I will try to answer anyone (except venting posts).
11. If you are replying to a question of mine, please quote your problem/my question or recap in short. It will help me tremendously if I don't have to go back to see what your problem was and I can't keep them all in mind.
12. Check your game if you have any old cc-framework leftovers and remove.
13. Please don't post: I don't have the time to read all this. I find that rather insulting because it tells me, you didn't even bother to read the first post. I'm taking MY time to help you guys out and I'm not compensated by EA for this so the least you can do is read the first few posts before making your statement.
14. Please do not edit your post to add extra info to it unless no one else has answered you. I'm not going back in reading the thread, so I might miss extra info. Simply make a new post and restate your issue.
15. Please also excuse if my answers are short and to the point. I usually have to cover a lot of ground and I can't be elaborate about everything. It's not meant in a rude way at all. I appreciate everyone that is taking part in this.
16. If you opened a thread on a certain issue you want linked, post the link in this thread and I will add it. Make sure there aren't any threads there yet.
17. If you feel that I'm not treating everyone in the same way, you're probably right. There are people that have been reporting since my first bug thread and others that are modders/creators themselves. I feel that I know when a bug report of those people is legit and when not, so I'll be quicker to add those compared to people I don't know at all.
18. Please use proper english and no text language. Also try to use punctuation where applicable and don't put everything in one paragraph. Those are very hard for me to read. I'm German speaking, so that would help me a great deal to understand what you are saying.

Important Links

- Seasons Bug thread
- Supernatural Bug Thread
- Showtime Bug Thread
- Pets Bug Thread
- Generations Bug Thread - Please see compiled list on first page before posting
- Late Night Bugs - Compiled List in first two posts
- TS3 + EPs & SPs - Known Glitches & Causes
- FAQ: Bugs & Patches
- Generations-Patch & existing Mods/Hacks
- FAQ: What files should I backup ?
- Twallan's Mods
- Finding Devices and Updating Drivers


Make sure your Origin is up-to-date (if you are using it). If your Origin is not at that version and you are not prompted an update, you will need to uninstall and get the newest version here:

Crashing Issues

Crashing issues are mainly technical and belong in the technical forum. Please make your own thread there, posting your DxDiag and info about cc, when it crashes and other useful stuff.

Here's some things you can try: ERROR: Game Crashes (CTD)

DEP Information

If you are experiencing crashes after load screen or after a few minutes of game play, it's most likely a DEP problem. The game has now a new .exe file in your base game folder. Make sure to add the following new files to your DEP:

TS3W.EXE in your base game\bin folder.

MAC Users

If you have technical issue, please post in any of these threads:

Things to try

- FAQ: Delete your Cache Files
- Move your family out and back in.
- Reset the sim ?
- TUTORIAL: Resetting the game to factory settings without Reinstalling --> Make sure to save those: SimPort Progress and Achievements
- TUTORIAL: - How to reinstall the game
- FAQ: How do I restore a backup file ?
- Move your Sims to a new town. Save them to the bin for that. Use Twallan's Porter if you don't want to loose the relationships.

A word on Mods/Hacks
It's ok to use them, I do too (I even recommend some of them), but please please, educate yourself about them. Don't just pop something in. There are many mods that conflict with each other and there are many mods that will be outdated with every patch (that's how it works).

Some of the mods need to be uninstalled in a special way but it will always tell you in the mod description if that is the case. So PLEASE read them and DO what it says.

Instructions how to install a mod can be found here: FAQ: How do I install Custom Content/ Mods ?
Instructions how to uninstall a mod can be found here: FAQ: How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Abbreviations used
MC = MasterController: Mod by Twallan
SP = StoryProgression Mod: Mod by Twallan
CC = Custom Content: cloth, objects, hair, etc from third-parties you add to your game.
DEP = Data Execution Prevention: Windows security feature.
MTS = ModTheSims: CC Site
TSR = TheSimsResource: A CC Site

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Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
Messages: 16941

I'm no longer answering posts.

Thank you all for participating.

How to find your post and my answer (only major posts)

To find your own post, make sure you write down the page you posted on. My answer is most likely in my next post.

salivacocktail suggests to set a bookmark for the thread and note the page numbers in the description. You can edit the description with more page numbers should you post more.

I'll be linking all my answer post in here, including page number.

If I said, I'll add, make sure it gets added. Search the first page to find your name and make sure I understood what you were trying to say. If you reported more than once, your name should appear next to each issue (except for the more common, smaller ones). If you're not happy with what I wrote, please restate your issue with all the info.

Latest Answers: Page 56

Page 55, Page 55, Page 54, Page 53, Page 53, Page 52, Page 51, Page 50, Page 49, Page 49, Page 47, Page 47, Page 46, Page 46, Page 45, Page 43, Page 42, Page 41, Page 40, Page 40, Page 38, Page 38, Page 37, Page 36, Page 35, Page 33, Page 32, Page 32, Page 30, Page 28, Page 26, Page 24, Page 24, page 21, Page 20, Page 19, Page 17, Page 16, Page 15, Page 14, Page 14, Page 13, Page 13, Page 13, Page 12, Page 11, Page 11, Page 7, Page 6


Please include the following info to your post

I can't help you properly if I don't have this info and it's a pain for all if I have to keep getting back to people.

You only need to answer this question once. I will add a link to your specs/question post here: Poster Info. If you change anything, please edit your post. Don't edit your post to add a bug. Make a new post for that. I'm not going back and the info post is meant for reference so you don't have to post the info over and over.


1. Are you using any Custom Content or mods ?
2. If you are using mods, are you using any of the 'big ones' like Awesome Mod or Twallan’s mods
3. If you're not using mod, did you never use them or did you take them out for the EP (as you are supposed to do)
4. Did you update the mods you put back with a compatible version ?
5. Do you have University Life or just the Patch ?
6. Which Patch Level are you at ?
7. Did you start a new game or are you playing an existing ones ?
8. Did you transfer an existing Sim over or are they new/Pre-Made ?
9. What town are you currently playing ? EA or Custom ?
10. What is your Operating System (Mac, XP, Vista, Win 7) ?
11. Do you have the download or DVD Version of the game ?

Please answer the following questions with every bug report

12. Are you reporting for the Uni-World, Home-World or WA-World ?

Lagging/Freezing or any other issues of more technical nature

--> Should be posted in technical. See some tips in my blog: Lags & Intermittent Freezes

- What EPs do you own
- Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, they are too long for this thread). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …) ?
- Do you have a 32 or 64 bit Operating System ?
- Do you use any Store Premium Content ? If so Which ones ?

Graphical Issues

- Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, they are too long for this thread). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …), especially your graphic card
- Do you have advanced rendering on (Options - Graphics)
- What date has your graphic card driver
- If you are unsure where to find this info, read this: Finding Devices and Updating Drivers

--> Should be posted in technical.

Serial Code Issues

DO NOT GO HERE! Contact Customer Support Should be posted in technical. See some tips in my blog: [url=

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Messages: 16941

Any issues in this posts have been reported extensively and some solutions have been found. For the bigger issues, please post in the according threads linked. There's no need to report any of these any more unless you have a new solution

Common Issues with solutions

Small Elder Sims with Canes


A funny glitch, elanorbreton


Replace their cane with a new one

Stuck Bills after returning from University


janvel831, crinrict, FrekiNGeri, BlazeMasterwort


Make sure to empty the mailbox at Uni before returning home

Stuck Bills after returning from University

Smartphone won’t stop ringing


AnnieBanannie123, TRajah


Smartphone won’t stop ringing

Smartphone photos don’t transfer to homeworld


ZeekSlider, ecoju, crinrict


Move to inventory before returning

Smartphone photos don’t transfer to homeworld

Sims learn skills very quickly


Rabbito, pifflover, ec1ipsse, ScaperClaudia, Rubysim, Mandylcd)

--> Thread on the issue: skill gain suddenly too fast after patch 1.50


OW and MC fix the issue temporarily.

Sim learn skills insanely fast

Big Issues you can help with

Empty UI when arriving at Uni


When arriving in the university town, my Sim isn't there. I get the option to create a new family


Something is corrupt with either the Sim or the game which makes that the game fails to load the hood completely. We need to figure out, what's causing this

What do to ?

Please post here: [Error Analysis] Sim not arriving at University (there are questions in the first post)[/b][/size]


pinkgirl0515, Interruptions, Mafiastyle, jennytru, ANGLE666, alicia7tommy, TheTodesfurcht, elitedragon, Kiley0812, Tinkerball, JenDeBaker, TootieHyPeRGaL, jennytru, CrystalAbyss1, SimSassybree

Theories & Workarounds

--> If you had no issues the first time, it seems connected with the graduation/returning home issues below
--> Related to Sims that didn't have a High School graduation/diploma (Desirai) ?
--> Possible Workaround: Ricalynn
--> Sim not arriving at University

Sim can't return home from University


- My Sim gets picked up to travel home but then gets out of the bus without getting home
- Graduation fails causing them not to be able to return home or get their extra trait.
- There are more issues that might be connected to the issue, please see list in next post.


At this points it's unclear if it's the failed graduation or something else that makes the Sim not be able to return home but a main issue seems to be with inviting other Sims to the Graduation party.

--> Seems like anything that interrupts the going home process makes Sims get stuck, like a phone call or a critique (jafo88fan, Djehm)

What do to ?

Please post here if you have troubles returning home: [Error Analysis] Sim can't return home after Graduation (there are questions in the first post)[/b][/size]


Pillbug2, sweetbeloved, SimSassybree, kimikokama, SciFiWarlock, Lyrical,
SolitaryGround, SimSassybree

Theories & Workarounds

--> Do not invite anyone to your graduation party
--> Sim can’t return home from University

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Messages: 16941

List of reported bugs

Please note that EA has shifted around some of the options. Playing Chess on Computers is now under Play Compute Games. Please check all menus before reporting

Reports of general game corruption

- Second Term Mayhem (ZeekSlider)
- Issues with sending couple to Uni (rafraf)
- Sim no longer at Uni on reload (xladyj)
- User Interface disappears (linarwing))
- Uni Corruption (Enliez)

Moving to Uni/Home

- Sim is stuck on home map (thesims204, GinnyLee)
- Button goes gray when trying to move (kjilop, TheyCallMeTori, honeybee1564, FrillyG, mqelias, SympleSym)
- After picking dorm, town never gets loaded (Pandachica86, zombieman, Swami42)
- After building a house, Sim could only move in when the had enough money to buy (FrekiNGeri)
- Not all lots are available to move in/rent (mikitta47)
- On arriving home, prompt to pick new home (SalemHellKat)
- Week resets when returning home (starts from week 1, day 1) (Jazmyne4u2)
- DNA Samples go missing (GrandmaSnoodle)


- Sim doesn't have a schedule (siennaSTAR, KMC6690)
--> Caused by the StoreFixes: BLOG - No Class schedule
- Sim can't attend lecture (strophic, purple_roses2110, hslakaal)
--> Probably caused by ErrorTrap
- Professor is not visible (Mpain_13)
- Professor teaches two classes at different places at the same time (SciFiWarlock)
- Sims don't auto-route to open classes (chasingAJ)
- Team mascot randomly wanders into lecture and cancels their lecture interactions (chasingAJ)
- Sim with talent to critique doesn't do anything else (Djehm, BrandyD83)
- Sim stuck in endless lecture (daisy9403, BrandyD83)
- Professor doesn't hold his lecture properly (janvel831, strophic)
- Wrong Grade at end of Semester (LadyMelda)


- Sim boxes disappear on reload of the game (friendful)
- Sim is stuck transmuting (mikitta47)
- Plant Sim can't travel, doesn't arrive (mikitta47)
- No poison kiss interaction on flower (BrandyD83)
- Need bars break when Sim uses the Motive Magenta 3000 (NuclearMayhem, julienrob2004)
- Plant Sim gains weight without a reason (saieden)

Roommate system/Apartments

Seems the whole room mate system is again improperly gated, if the EP is not present. It should work, once you have Uni installed. If you do not plan on getting it, don't add room mates to your household. You can't get rid of them.

- Roommates become part of the household when the game is restarted, even with Uni installed (tblue, strophic)
- Wedding guest become roommates (1 Report in German forum, gingerlollipop@answerHQ, , heychay)
- Where is option to remove roommates after you posted an ad ? (mcveighjess)
- Sim got room mates in homeworld after returning home (mcveighjess, kgadbois13)
- Sim doesn't become roommate although agreeing (strophic)
- Roommates don't tend to their needs (KarilynMonroe2, JustLiz87, JanLauren7, ecoju, zombieman, SmileySimolina)
--> If you have this issue, please answer the questions in SimGuruConnicus's Thread
- Roommates do a in-out-in-out loop (SmokeyBearz)
- Sims are added to active household instead of roommates in apartment (CadeMasters)
- Residential lots default to apartments (HollownessDevour)
--> Thread on the issue: University Defaults some Lots to Apartments when I don't want it too
- Option to enable/disable the system goes missing (purple_roses2110)
- Apartments lot type is not available in Bridgeport (exdemon1120, Nelus)
- Room mates don't stop spawning (BrandyD83)


- Sim cannot invite friends to graduation --> Sim jumps (sugar_cookies, sweetbeloved, Neverly, BrandyD83)
- Too many Sims at graduation (mishymacd, okido1987)
--> A thread about the issue: Graduation... A waiting time of 6 hours or more
--> Get your Sim there early
- Sim doesn't change in robe and/or doesn't get degree (ANNIEOVER, SapphireDCM)
- Inviting Sims to the party makes them duplicate in the relationship panel which makes Sims unclickable (crinrict)
- Looses all relationships (BrandyD83, Onirin)

Social Influences/Groups/Social Networking

- Drinking Herbal Tea from the new bar doesn't give me Rebel Influence points as advertised (ZeekSlider)
- Influence raises too quickly (mishymacd, ec1ipsse)
- Mouse over doesn't show social groups (Amiee, MALINTZY, ALittleGlassVial)
--> Caused by mods that changes something with the Sims skills
- Blogs get reset when traveling back (n00biityo)
--> Starting a new blog with the same name will restore the blog (n00biityo)
--> Thread on the issue:

- Social Networking skill gets stuck (PixxieBee144)

Performance Meter

- Performance meter goes down although using objects or going to classes (PixxieBee144, GingaNinja96)
- Resetting the sim resets performance bar to the middle and makes it appear where it should be there. (PixxieBee144)
--> Not a bug. Does the cheat does the same with needs and magic barb
- Up/Down Performance Arrows missing (SimGirl21, CLM1227)
- Performance bar decreases while Sims are not in class or studying (MistressMyuu, sirenprincess, funkyshygirl)
--> They decrease just like needs. For some traits (like coach potato) it's harder to keep them up. You need to study from time to time or you'll fail.
--> Possible that bug is involved for some. Needs more research.
- After cheating, Progress bar does not go away for the weekend (HannaZoja)
- With multiple Sims only one increases their meter, the other decrease (Jadeleine)

New Objects

- Sketch book has missing texture instead of picture (alicia7tommy, sugar_cookies)
--> Try deleting the cache files & Moving the folder Thumbnails to the desktop
- Technology major takes the brain enhancing machine, gets on and then gets off and puts it back into the inventory over and over (chasingAJ)
- Graduation Gnomes spawn during class every day (Bafendo, strophic)
- Sim can't buy bagel or brownies (janvel831)
- Coffee Shop counter has no interactions or Sim (strophic)
- Supernatural plants can't be cloned with the science machine (Silence731)
- Sketches don't go into inventory (kellza)
- If there's no place to put a graffiti, you can't unselect the interaction (oreosncreamforjo55, flamingtelepaths)
--> Try pressing the ESC key
- No text when writing on the white board (JohnnyDeppLuva)
- Megaphone is invisible when talking to plants (janvel831)


- Rebel Exclusive Skin Rewards disappears on going home (ZeekSlider)
- Sims angry dismiss calls on their own. Now pop-up (bosslaydee, gotcandace)
- Taking romantic photos turn the other Sim into a clone (SimRealtor, Janina1211, Contessa_Claire)
--> Possibly Mod related ?
- Answer Phone option missing (janvel831)
- Pictures don't save (alisonk98)
- Option to call service Sim doesn't show (ecarmichael)
- Sport Agent Career Sims, Negotiate contract resets Sim (Ricalynn)
- Woohooty Call message missing (JohnnyDeppLuva)
- Relationship transmogrifies causes duplicate relationship issue (Zozsie)


- Sim gets invitation to the same party over and over (sirenprincess, ZeekSlider, SkewedReality04)
--> Think there is actually a party going on every day.
- Bonfires spawn each time there is a party (SciFiWarlock)
- Bonfires give everyone a negative nauseated moodlet (chasingAJ)
- Sim can't attend party cause of missing host (sweetbeloved, kimikokama, Motherboard)
--> Existing
- Sim leaves partly immediately upon arrival and interaction gets canceled immediately (exotickitten, janvel831)
- Masquerade party (statue) makes Sim switch madly between outfits (ZeekSlider, bosslaydee, BrandyD83)
--> Also happens if there's no party going on (BrandyD83)
--> Statue has a radius. If the go back and forth that can happen (A_Mom)
- Clicking on the button to attend party does nothing. Party is nowhere to be found (mishymacd, enchantedly, A_Mom, minimomemu, strophic, shouldbewriting)
--> Maybe Sim is already on the right lot ?
--> Is party held at your home lot ?
--> Is the party a bonfire party in Winter (crinrict)?
- Sims at Pool parties get accused of inappropriate behavior when using the pool and on other strange occasions (minimomemu, BrandyD83)
- Good friend is missing from list to invite (janvel831)


- Sim gets opportunity for Fortune Teller Career without being in that career (Snakefire30, Ricalynn, exotickitten)
- No more after-school opportunities for teens (ec1ipsse)


- Need bars do not go up at Uni (jafo88fan, sugar_cookies, sirenprincess, paperxwalls, Desirai, mikes1987)
--> Needs on Thursday and Tuesday classes are static (crinrict, jafo88fan)
- Sim didn't get extra trait (Computosaurus)
- Skill journal is missing chamomile (chasingAJ)
- Charisma bonus that prevents relationships from dropping doesn't work (AlariHyena)
--> Sims only Sims in current town count (AlariHyena)
- Sims get no moodlets for drinking tea or going to Uni (MakorraForever, BrandyD83)
--> Possibly mod related
- Random Hanging out Moodlet appearing (janvel831)
- Street Art challenge was reset at home. Was back at Uni (kittenxpaws, krystle0385)
- Sims that learn logic at Uni can't tutor children at home (Ricalynn)
- Sims never gets the juiced or super juiced moodlet (georgia776)
- Sims can get conflicting traits (Desirai)
- Socially Awkward Sim has no interactions of that trait (BrandyD83)
- After getting the Hardly Hungry lifetime reward, the Hungry moodlet will say up to 3h left, but counts down a lot slower than three hours (Bonabopn)


- Owned LTR gone missing (Conclue, ghiasappifanie)
--> Using CAS cheat to change trait is the cause of that (Ricalynn)
- LTW missing (Akl500P)
--> Old issue or something new triggering it ? Does it come back ?
- LTW resets on coming home (miruazo33)
- Sim have loose LTW and don't roll new wishes because of it (linarwing)


- Spicy food animation off or missing altogether (shaposh2012, Bonabopn, julienrob2004, [url0
- Sims go into the building in singles like with the school. Leads to failure to attend class (Xoxk9, JustLiz87, SciFiWarlock, ZeekSlider, JanLauren7, janvel831, Trumpets0ng, SmileySimolina)
- Sims get stuck a lot (Rickatl, SimSassybree)
- Fire causes routing issues (JustLiz87)
- Sim uses bike although he has a car assigned (Bafendo)
- Tile in front of fridge gets unroutable on returning home (heychay, janvel831)
- Sim is late for lecture cause of routing problems (Heyuknow4, Pic, janvel831)
- Sim can't leave house to go to class saying there's something in the way (strophic)


- Maid needs to be re-hired every day (azul662)
- Handyman only fixes half of the stuff (ghiasappifanie)
- Two maids on hiring (ecoju)


- Garage door can't be placed without spaces anymore (blewis823)
- Overweight Sims that lost their weight are back to being overweight on restarting the game (Mstybl95, Motherboard)
- Stereo gives bad wake up moodlet to sims that weren't even sleeping (tereiditsy)
- Sims obsessed with reading, stuck books in inventory and toddlers reading invisible books (svlyn)
- Teen jobs not showing up on rabbitholes (svlyn)
- Plumbing breaks despite being upgraded (MSladyTSO)
- Message for xx% store Sale has grocery store name missing (SimGirl21)
- Fires occurring in odd spots (Shadowkeepernoir)
- No Food in fridge (CLM1227)
- Drinks from Barista bar disappear on being served (catloverplayer, Heyuknow4, Kael, DivaOfDarkness)
- Sims put down drinks and stuff from barista bar without reason (GingaNinja96)
- Spraying Sims does not get arrested (ZeekSlider, serenamoonrose20)
- Sims disappear after being arrested for spraying (NJSimmer, amberann1011)
--> Existing issue. Same happens with teens.
--> Missing Sims
- Empty text bubbles (Arabelle_Amara, ec1ipsse, BrandyD83)
- Car goes missing (chasingAJ)
- "Behaving inappropriately" bubble from Sim who lives on the lot when Sim checks the job board. (chasingAJ)
- Union Building and Uni Library act like rabbitholes except when active Sim in in there (SmithMarsh)
- Exporting a house with half-finished spray-art makes the game treat it as new street spray area (ZeekSlider)
- Sims from the same house seem to autogroup if they leave the house at the same time (minimomemu)
- Inviting the Mascot into the house and canceling photo action made tile unusable (julienrob2004)
- Masterpiece books never have the special cover (LunyKimberly)
- Relationships and Seasons reset on loadup (strophic)
- Clock gets stuck (Trumpets0ng)
- Sim have random age on coming home (elanorbreton)
- Oval spot SocialJigTwoPerson blocking the way (Terrylin, Terrylin, oreosncreamforjo55)
--> Try to delete with moveObjects
- Toddler and Teen got Uni Diploms after switching back from an excursus to another family (Kookookiki)
- Mailbox always full of love letters (BrandyD83)
- Jump Bug on negotiating contracts (GrandmaSnoodle)
- Fine for arresting for spraying does not get deducted (GingaNinja96)
- Cloning and adopting adds blank portrait (ElfCharm666)
- Sims with the Irresistible trait can ask anyone out on a date on the phone, including family (Snapdragon)

World Adventures

- No pop-up or adding of treasure on opening chests (CLM1227)


- (1.48 issue) Simbots don't fill their social needs by talking to appliances (sweetlittlecherry)
- Miner Cavern can be looted far too many times (Bonabopn)
- Ore's and Minerals found in caverns don't count towards collection journal (Bonabopn)


- Teaching to drive fails (heychay)


- Sims can't catch birds --> existing, any solutions ? (davina1221, lydiad206, Rickatl, ec1ipsse)
- Cat has 100% collected mushrooms without doing so (TrexterZiam)
- Cat can't fish (ec1ipsse)


- No Steady gigs (conclue)


Supernaturals spawn in Uni town despite being turned off (Jadeleine)


- Sims don't go in circles anymore on the ice skating rink (Mstybl95)
- Leaves now appear inside the house (ceejay402)
- Sims not cooling off when swimming (faytheful)
- Sims won't change into their outerwear even though it is snowing and they are not getting the cold moodlet and are generally confused what to wear (bngbedard, Bonabopn)
- Snow in Aurora Skies looks ugly (BUYER BEWARE: Aurora Skies's Ugly Snow Problem)
--> This is not an issue with the patch but an issue with Aurora skies. If you have anything to add to this issue, please post in the linked thread.
--> According to the gurus it's actually a bug in Seasons that affects certain worlds. EA is looking into the cause
- NPCs use umbrellas all the time (conz888)
--> Are those really umbrellas or rather parasols ?
- No more festival and holidays (Stumbleduck)
- Sim rather eats outside in snow and rain than inside (Bonabopn)

Unsure if bugs

- Sim can't pick where he wants to live (Pillbug2)
- Missing option to advertise for room mates (strophic)
--> Missing cause there are already people assigned (CrazyInLove12)
- Social groups have different difficulties (ZeekSlider)
- No nerds in Uni town (ZeekSlider)
- Sims get 10x the pay (Quesita)
- NPCs Sims never answer although raising hands (strophic)
- Hunger bubbles for Sims on hunger strike (kellza)

Not Bugs

- Class times seem off (janvel831)
--> Sims leave 2 hours early (crinrict)
- Only one Sim can be assigned to a bed (catloverplayer, utterlyunzipped)
--> Possible to assign two but one needs to really click on the sides of the bed (Nirar22)
- Werewolf sim managed to find about 70 extraordinarily unusual bugs (and lots of common ones) while hunting solo, but only two rares and no uncommons. Gems and metals were not affected by this problem (Bonabopn)

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Other issues


- Slow loading in the outfit categories (Arty)
- Gloves still showing up twice (Arkham_Zombie)
- Sims that were placed in the library are no long related on placing (Rubysim)
- Aurora Skies hair missing (

Reproducible crashing

- Dante inferno Chimney causes crashes (gngrsnp) ?

Buy/Build Mode

- The square terrain paint tool is round (exotickitten)
--> Seems wonky. Works sometimes, sometimes it doesn't
- 1.47/1.48) Green Roof is missing (Amerikajin42)
- Missing SN Terrain Paint (Banksy33)
- Sectional sofas are broken (ZeekSlider)
- Placing a stove in dorms causes lags (simsolated)
- Barnacle Bay mailbox missing from buyDebug (

Edit Town

- Troubles making dorms, sorority and fraternities (MilaTam)


Graphical issues

Sound issues

Make sure you update your sound drivers and delete the Cache files

Player Wall/Social Features/Ingame Gifting

- (Supernatural) gifts from friends can't be send/accepted (Gimina, catloverplayer, Rubysim, exotickitten, rumbutter, sue6point7b)
- New gifting options not showing up (Colorist40, Madsunny)


- RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings Not working anymore ? (blewis823)
- Can not adjust motives (via testing cheats) whilst a Sim is at class (Bafendo)
- Smartphones don't work with moviemaker cheat (catloverplayer)
--> Thread about the issue:


- Can't unpause in EIG (Nirar22)

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Existing Bugs/ Existing Bugs fixed

Common bugs that have existed before this EP.

Multi Select Portrait

Many new reports on that.

- On adding moving more then one Sim (Ricalynn)
- After adopting a pet from shelter or stray (PrfctAngl673)

See here:

Needs more research. If anyone want to do a thread about it to collect data, I'll gladly link

Sim/Neighborhood Corruption

Sim Corruption comes in all kinds of flavors and has been going on for a while. Sims get stuck (on objects, on beds, on each other), jump out of interactions, turn invisible and as a ultimate corruption you loose your UI. There's a loooong thread on the issue in the technical forum: Lags & Invisible, Frozen & Stuck Sims. I can't help out over there right now but there are lots of people with long time experience with the issue. You also find some info on it linked in the first post.

What can you do when it happens to you ?
First thing you can try (if you are not opposed to mods that is) is try if Twallan's ErrorTrap or Overwatch can save anything. It's important that you are patch level 1.26 to use ErrorTrap. You might find ScriptErrors after that in your documents folder. Post them in Twallan's forum. He can help you out. NOT here, I can't really read most of them.

That didn't work
If you are attached to your family/town, I would suggest, moving everything to a new town. Unfortunatly with the EA approach you loose all your relationships this way (you won't loose any skills this way). You could also use the Twallan's Porter to achieve the same AND keep your relationships.

Na, still nothing
Then I would suggest, resetting your user data and start a brand new game. I can be hard, I know but sometimes it's the only way to still enjoy the game.

The corruption might come back after a while so I do recommend using Overwatch to prevent most of the causes of this corruption.

If really nothing helps at all, you might need to reinstall your game, clean your registry and defrag your computer.

Not fixed with Patch 1.50

- Stylist Career for non-english games
- Online Dating profile still can't be removed (unclear at this point)
- Stuck Bills
- Age changes on using tattoo chair etc.
- Opportunities still not completing on Multi-Rabbitholes (Ricalynn)
- Leaves still stay on the ground in spring on community lots --> happening in non-modded games (svlyn, rosahege, Rickatl)
- Still swim wear parties on a 10 days seasons circle in Winter (svlyn)
- Sims still sometimes still turn while walking through doorways (ScaperClaudia, Toffeemuffin)
--> Seems inconclusive to the gurus. If anyone wants to make it's own thread on this, I'll gladly link.
--> Seems ok in the beginning and then starts happening again (Jazmyne4u2)
- Use of Harvester makes Sim not use their car anymore (bdot875)
- Inventory gets shuffled on returning home just like in WA (ZeekSlider)
- Enterable community lot that also have rabbitholes cannot be invested in as a lot and rabbitholes does not have a map tag (LunyKimberly)
- Firefighters can't respond to emergencys (Link)
--> Thread on the issue: Fire Alarm glitch?
- Playing video games shows black screen (halloweenchild)


- Ghost Hunter Career
- Mailbox Issue
- Stuck Onmiplants (still happening: rosahege)
- Dresser age resetting might be partially fixed. Try changing the tab or restart the game if the age changes (Ricalynn)

More fixes (Source: Twallan)

- Sims carrying babies will no longer attempt to use bikes
- Fixed a problem where sims who gained a sufficiently large amount of celebrity in one hit could exceed Level 5
- The Photobooth will no longer partner up sims when used
- Harvesting an ingredient without Supernatural installed will no longer bounce the sim (the "CollectedFromHarvest" error)
- The Mushroom and Harvest data for Collecting skill is now exported and imported when a sim travels or is saved to the library.
- The importing of Rock data for Collecting skill has also been fixed.

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Mod Issues

Please also check on my list here: Bugs in University Life caused by Mods

Please remember to remove all mods if they are not updated. Updated also does not mean free of errors. Scripting & CoreMods need to be verified by the creator.

- Issues with Lifetime Wishes --> Outdated memory mods. After loosing a LTW because of a Mod, you need to reapply in CAS
- Issues with Lifetime Rewards
- Issues with Jumping out of Actions
- Issues with missing skills
- Issues with missing Interactions
- Missing effects --> NoMosaic, NoEffects
- Zoom going crazy --> Scan for spirits increased
- Elixir store is never open --> NoPaparazzi
- Missing books --> Any book mods as well as new custom books such as the Harry Potter book (that's a mod too)
- Empty class schedule lists
--> Caused by KT's Store Fix or other mods
- have no social groups --> Probably a skilling mod.
- cmomoney Animations Player causes crashes and weird behavior (VixTrill)

Errors caused by Twallan's Mods

Twallan plays Sim City atm. There are no updates. He's entitled to that!!!

- MC Integration: Prevents the new parties
- ErrorTrap: Resets Sims going to the Welcome Meeting and other resetting issues
- WrittenWord and/or AntiMagicScroll: Reason for Sims not being able to go to classes ?
- PortraitPanel: Makes Room Mates show up in the Portrait Panel. They should not be there.
- Traveler v57: Sims arrive at the Uni world with no skills

Mods that should also not be used in Uni world: Woohooer, StoryProgression & Register.

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I've decided to make a list of Info so that regulars don't have to re-post their info all the time. Just click on their link to get their info

Arty: Questions,Specs
exotickitten: Questions, DxDiag

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Location:New York

I am not sure if I did this right...I did read what you posted though:

1. Are you using any Custom Content or mods ? Yes but I already uninstalled all of them.
2. If you are using mods, are you using any of the 'big ones' like Awesome Mod or Twallan’s mods? Yes but I already took them out of my folder.
3. If you're not using mod, did you never use them or did you take them out for the EP (as you are supposed to do)? Yes I did.
4. Did you update the mods you put back with a compatible version ? Yup.
5. Do you have Seasons or just the Patch ? I have Seasons and the patch.
6. Which Patch Level are you at ? 1.48
7. Did you start a new game or are you playing an existing ones ? I am playing an existing one.
8. Did you transfer an existing Sim over or are they new/Pre-Made ? I made new ones.
9. What town are you currently playing ? EA or Custom ? EA world: I believe Twinbrook.
10. What is your Operating System (Mac, XP, Vista, Win 7) Win 7.
11. Do you have the download or DVD Version of the game.
DVD Version of everyone (but the stuff packs). Download of WA

I get the file error like most people when downloading 1.50.

I really appreciate people like you trying to help us! Thank you so much!

EDIT: I have the beach stuff pack thing...I don't remember whats its called.

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Crin the online dating feature bug still isn't fixed. Removing the profile just makes it reset. They missed that one. Sims still can't remove their dating profile it goes back up.

The Last Venue Of Amour Coming August 7th From The Sims 3 Store.

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@cat: I'll add to the not fixed list

@DejiDenja: EA tweeted that they're looking into that.


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Hi Crin!

I saw your response in Zerbu's patch thread and thought it better to post here.

When the patch finally did show up, I got 6% installed and then I got the Invalid File error. Every time it would hit 6% installed, the error would show up.

I have all the Eps installed, and all the sps BUT HEL, FL, and Deisel. And only a few store sets loaded.

NO Mods, and patched up to 1.48.

I also tried using the manual patch and that didn't work either.

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"Oh shiny! Has the Sims name! Can't wait to play!! The Sims 4!!" - sums up my feelings perfectly!

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Hi Crin ,
The omni plant boxes are gone from my inventory but the bills still remain, so it is not all together fixed.

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Made a thread for the invalid file issue.

Please post there:

Super patch is also now available:

Be back to answer questions in a moment. Need to update all my blog posts, see that little one gets here good night story.


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what is the styling career bug, cause I can't find one and I have a dutch game. also is the SN plant bug fixed?
edit: I always look into this thread for more info about the patches and what is still buggy, you help everyone so much here, thanks

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