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Joined: 04/11/13 11:14 PM
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I hate to do this, but I deleted everything. I'm getting Bootcamp, but I don't think The Sims will be one of the games I purchase for it once I switch over. Most of my Eps are Mac specific, so I don't think they'll work for windows anyways. I appreciate all the help of gotten from the Mac sim community, I did try everything and for a while I thought maybe this could work. EA has lost another customer here, I will not give them another dime until they fix this bull****. But for all of you still fighting for a solution, good luck. God knows you'll need it with this company.

Joined: 01/07/12 03:01 PM
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I hear your frustration but just wanted to mention that if you have registered your games, even though you have the Mac versions installed, I am pretty sure you can download the windows versions for free once you have bootcamp up and running. Most people who do that report a much better game experience. Still EA and still buggy but better overall.


Joined: 07/10/09 01:51 PM
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The last time i opened a thread like this, it was deleted. :/

Joined: 11/02/11 01:15 AM
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OS X 10.8.5, 2.93GHz i7, 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 - more than enough for this ****** game. Was buying stuff packs and expansions up to Showtime, well got Island Paradise too. Tons of store content... Nice amount of dollars from one person for a company that don't give a f*** if this customer actually enjoy the game experience on his Mac. Also tried all possible solutions from sims3 mac forums, some were helping a little but not for long, was not really a fix. And EA!! Stop fixing our Macs they are ok, fix your stupid game. So after loosing all my creations (several times), not being able to upload anything for months, shutting down my computer (start button) after every 5-10 min of playing... It could be a long list of frustrations, I'm glad I stopped buying stuff from EA and never gonna do it again. Little reminder to all EA screw-ups who is responsible (I know this numbers could change): every happy customer brings up to a 5 new customers, thanks to one unhappy customer you'll loose more than 11 potential customers. I'll try to make this number even larger.
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