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Joined: 04/14/12 10:12 PM
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{The gifting period for participants has now closed.}

Howdy! I've been itching to host my first lottery for weeks! I've also been on a mission to meet some new folks around here. In order to get to know you a little better, I ask one question:

How did you get started with The Sims?


1.Answer the question: How did you get started with The Sims?
2.You may make two nominations with links to WishLists (yourself and a friend -or- two friends)
3.There will be no limit to how many times a person can be nominated by others.
4.All persons nominated must have at least 500 sp worth of items on their WL

*Lottery will close on Sunday, May 5th at noon (EST).
Winners will be chosen with a randomizer and will be posted on this post shortly after.*


1st Place – 500 sp worth of items Emmatigerlily nominated by wangtastic
Love this. Emmatigerlily wanted to donate her winnings to the person who nominated her. Then wangtasitc said to IGNORE EMMA AND GIFT HER ANYWAY! I LOVE kind-hearted and friendly people! You two are such sweet souls! You both ended up with a 500sp prize. Thanks for being awesome!

2nd Place – 100 sp worth of items zhaitana nominated by LilyParker

3rd Place – 50 sp worth of items SALTPASTILLEN nominated by imeffinawesome92

Nominees will receive one item, regardless of number of entries.
All rewards will be awarded before the end of the day.

I look forward to getting to know you!

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Joined: 04/14/12 10:12 PM
Messages: 870
Location:in yo kitchen eatin' yo mac and cheese

Contest Closed. Gifting Period has ended.


ADWilson nominated by Idontrcall - gifted
ADWilson nominated by SALTPASTILLEN
agstah nominated by alyssaluvscookie - gifted
Agstah nominated by chocbubbles
Alistu nominated by Dart104 - gifted
Alitoni nominated by Aurbern - gifted
alitoni nominated by lydiad206
Alyssaluvscookie nominated by chocbubbles - gifted
Amj1995 nominated by Puddinroy - no 25sp item on list, messaged
Angel_zarr nominated by ErinAwesome101 - no 25sp item on list, messaged
asterravos - gifted
Aurbern - gifted
baxter_milo nominated by Dart104 - gifted
candyeyedsimmy nominated by 40675672 - gifted
Carmen0908 - gifted
Cherrybomb200 nominated by tkbluebasketball - gifted
christinebremner nominated by readreadreadread - gifted
Conz888 - gifted
Dais3yma3 - gifted
dash3001 nominated by Carmen0908 - gifted
dash3001 nominated by lydiad206
Dayshatw - awaiting confirmation about giftee
Dayshatw nominated by Zirina
DippyDesigns nominated by readreadreadread - gifted
Dorymae nominated by xenacullen - gifted
Dream_Walker27 nominated by mfb426 - gifted
Duckypants nominated by Moosenhagen - gifted
EmmaLeen - gifted
Emmatigerlily nominated by wangtastic - gifted, wanted to donate prize to wangtasitc - wangtasitic also gifted
ErinAwesome101 - gifted
HadesDragones nominated by Noniohyea - gifted
HadesDragones nominated by Thelessy
Hessethran nominated by Msrednotdead - gifted
hessethran nominated by LilyParker
illusie nominated by GreenCats - gifted
illusie nominated by Puddinroy
iselarose nominated by anettesb - no 25sp item on list, UNABLE TO MESSAGE
Jaguwar nominated by KittKat7147 - gifted
JBAG521 nominated by SadieStar - gifted
JESSIEPRESCOT nominated by JACKIEMALEK2 - gifted
JESSIEPRESSCOTT nominated by Twiddle3
JThomson18 nominated by Romeo9374 - gifted
jediariel nominated by anettesb - no 25sp item on list, messaged
justthink nominated by Loppie1988 - gifted
jwghost - gifted
Katieee nominated by michjoy7 - donated to Dais3yma3 - gifted
Katieeee nominated by 40675672
Katieeee nominated by Dais3yma3
Katieeee nominated by Idontrcall
kezzyla nominated by dorymae - no 25sp item on list, messaged
KKarichan - gifted
KittKat7147 - gifted
litchking - gifted
liz7783 - gifted
Loppie1988 - gifted
Lydiad206 nominated by Alitoni - donated to Alitoni, gifted
mfb426 - gifted
michjoy7 - gifted
michjoy7 nominated by liz7783
Mimine17 nominated by MissKate8 - gifted
MissKate8 - gifted
Misteygirl nominated by SadieStar - gifted
Moosenhagen - gifted
Nerdy3000 nominated by Kkarichan - gifted
NOXXI nominated by Alitoni - gifted
Noniohyea - gifted
noside nominated by litchking - no 25sp item on list, messaged
rainwife nominated by baxter_milo - gifted
Ralf453 - gifted
Rayshizzie nominated by Sybile - gifted
Romeo9374 - gifted
SALTPASTILLEN - gifted 3rd place prize of 50sp item
SALTPASTILLEN nominated by imeffinawesome92
samanthajane26 nominated by GreenCats - gifted
sanstorm1 nominated by EmmaLeen - no 25sp item on list, messaged
Suttiputt nominated by Msrednotdead - gifted
Sybile - gifted
Tanner91 nominated by JACKIEMALEK2 - gifted
taylor13600 nominated by Twiddle3 - gifted
TheFairyBug nominated by SikSouthernTink - gifted
TheKrazy_KimSim nominated by baxter_milo - gifted
TheKrazy_KimSim nominated by jwghost
ThePhoenixLament nominated by YellowJane - gifted
Theylessy - gifted
tkbluebasketball - gifted
VRStevenson nominated by asterravos - gifted
Wangtastic - gifted
WinterClouds - no 25sp item on list, messaged
xenacullen - gifted
xenacullen nominated by imeffinawesome92
YellowJane - gifted
zefiewings nominated by alyssaluvscookie - no 25sp item on list, messaged
zhaitana nominated by LilyParker - gifted 2nd place prize of 100sp item
Zhaitana nominated by TheKrazy_KimSim
Zirina nominated by Dayshatw - gifted

There were 98 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Emmatigerlily nominated by wangtastic
zhaitana nominated by LilyParker
SALTPASTILLEN nominated by imeffinawesome92
kezzyla nominated by dorymae
illusie nominated by GreenCats
JThomson18 nominated by Romeo9374
Alistu nominated by Dart104
Rayshizzie nominated by Sybile
Mimine17 nominated by MissKate8
Tanner91 nominated by JACKIEMALEK2
HadesDragones nominated by Thelessy
HadesDragones nominated by Noniohyea
ADWilson nominated by SALTPASTILLEN
JBAG521 nominated by SadieStar
taylor13600 nominated by Twiddle3
Dorymae nominated by xenacullen
Dream_Walker27 nominated by mfb426
VRStevenson nominated by asterravos
christinebremner nominated by readreadreadread
Agstah nominated by chocbubbles
Alitoni nominated by Aurbern
Zirina - nominated by Dayshatw:
Nerdy3000 nominated by Kkarichan
candyeyedsimmy nominated by 40675672
illusie nominated by Puddinroy
TheFairyBug nominated by SikSouthernTink
xenacullen nominated by imeffinawesome92
Angel_zarr nominated by ErinAwesome101
Suttiputt nominated by Msrednotdead
hessethran nominated by LilyParker
Cherrybomb200 nominated by tkbluebasketball
noside nominated by litchking
Dayshatw nominated by Zirina
Zhaitana nominated by TheKrazy_KimSim
Katieeee nominated by Idontrcall
rainwife nominated by baxter_milo
JESSIEPRESSCOTT nominated by Twiddle3
Jaguwar nominated by KittKat7147
zefiewings nominated by alyssaluvscookie
TheKrazy_KimSim nominated by jwghost
dash3001 nominated by lydiad206
agstah nominated by alyssaluvscookie
justthink nominated by Loppie1988
samanthajane26 nominated by GreenCats
ADWilson nominated by Idontrcall
michjoy7 nominated by liz7783
Alyssaluvscookie nominated by chocbubbles
Amj1995 nominated by Puddinroy
DippyDesigns nominated by readreadreadread
alitoni nominated by lydiad206
NOXXI nominated by Alitoni
Lydiad206 nominated by Alitoni
jediariel nominated by anettesb
dash3001 nominated by Carmen0908
baxter_milo nominated by Dart104
ThePhoenixLament nominated by YellowJane
Duckypants nominated by Moosenhagen
TheKrazy_KimSim nominated by baxter_milo
Katieeee nominated by Dais3yma3
sanstorm1 nominated by EmmaLeen
Hessethran nominated by Msrednotdead
Katieee nominated by michjoy7
Misteygirl nominated by SadieStar
Katieeee nominated by 40675672
iselarose nominated by anettesb
Timestamp: 2013-05-05 16:05:17 UTC

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Joined: 04/14/12 10:12 PM
Messages: 870
Location:in yo kitchen eatin' yo mac and cheese

About your hostess - My Simming Beginnings

Howdy! I'm a relatively new Simmer. I never played TS1 or TS2... I don't really know why I even bought TS3! I loved playing with dolls as a little girl, and I'm a total computer nerd... so I thought it'd be fun to try out.

I only began playing in October of 2011 with the base game on my sad little laptop. That Christmas, I decided to add a couple of EPs (while holding my breath each time I booted up!). By summer, I knew I was addicted to TS3 and had found my new hobby. I invested in a fresh and fancy PC and quickly collected every EP and SP. It wasn't long before I began attacking the store - worlds, premium content, the occasional set... I'm now well on my way to completing the collection. And I'm loving every minute of it!

I hopped over the the forum side of the site when I installed Showtime (I blame my forum addiction on SimPort ). So, I've been around for a bit... lurking here, posting there, finding some kind hearts to surprise with a gift or two... I've quickly learned that this place is full of sweet souls to get to know. I've been a part of many forums... on many topics... and I usually see an overwhelming amount of snark and rudeness. But, not around here! Granted, you'll always find someone trying to stir up drama, but for the most part, I see friendly folks trying to sweeten up this world a bit. And, goodness, we could certainly use some of that!

I'm an adult player. I'm a married elementary school teacher with no children of my own (yet) to impact my cash flow... so I enjoy spending (too much) money on my hobby - Sims! I've found one of the most satisfying ways to do so is by surprising someone else with a little bit of Sim heaven. Maybe it helps me justify how much I'm spending on myself!

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Joined: 04/14/12 10:12 PM
Messages: 870
Location:in yo kitchen eatin' yo mac and cheese

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Joined: 09/26/11 03:40 AM
Messages: 1652
Location:somewhere around here

Question: How did you get started with the sims?

Answer: I started with the Sims 1 waaay back when it came out. I was hooked and had ALL OF THE EXPANSIONS. I just love the humor and uniqness. Some people say that being a gamer that plays the sims doesn't make you a gamer...I say phooey. I used to spend all my spare time on the sims which is what a gamer is lol. XD

I would like to nominate, (TheFairyBug)

I am running out of SP soon and can't reload for a while so I need some people to do my bidding for me. lol


Joined: 12/27/12 02:10 PM
Messages: 3127
Location:Midnight Hollow

Hi Stafuny Nice to meet you and thanks for hosting!

I started with TS1. I got to know the game because friends played it and when we met we sometimes played it together.

I'd like to nominate:


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Joined: 09/26/11 03:40 AM
Messages: 1652
Location:somewhere around here

I just wanted to say, thank you for hosting this contest and I hope you have a wonderful day and turn out. XD


Joined: 02/07/13 09:28 PM
Messages: 206

Hi Stafuny, what a lovely idea and lottery.

My Simming beginnings:
Well I am very new to the simming worlds, I never played sims 1 or 2. My husband brought me TS3 as I am on a long recovery from illness and I am housebound most days. So while my children are at school and to stop me going crazy at 4 walls he got me TS3 to distract me. And well lets say it has worked well.
And like the game it self, this forum is just as addictive, and with plenty of friendly and lovely people on it. I don't have many friends and the ones I do have don't all have WL yet.

so can I Nominate
and myself:

Thanks again for hosting..

Joined: 03/21/11 10:55 PM
Messages: 5926

My aunt introduced me to the games when the first one came out and I've been hooked since.

My Nominations


Joined: 04/14/12 10:12 PM
Messages: 870
Location:in yo kitchen eatin' yo mac and cheese

Thanks for your kind words, my dears!


Joined: 01/17/13 11:16 PM
Messages: 1389

hi and it's great to meet you i started playing sims on the wii i just got a computer in nov. of last year and only just started playing sims a few months ago i'm in bed alot and don't have many friends except the wonderful people i met on here i have 6 great kids and a wonderful hubby but sims is my lifesaver otherwise i think i would have gone nuts ok that's enough. i would like to nom. jessiepresscot
and tanner91

thank you for having such a wonderful lotto big hugs


Joined: 08/04/09 04:29 PM
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Location:Dancing my way through a storm of chaos!

So how did I get started... hmm
well I knew the sims exsisted (didn't know about it being both a 1 and 2) I needed something to ocpi my mind, and I wanted to play computer, with the lack of any new games like ceasar I look at sims... I found that in a few months sims 3 would be released... so I waited.

I was hooked from the start!!!

I found the store but at that time the system was down (for almost a year) not allowing danes to buy points, and with no cards in the shops at that time store was out of tutch.

the forums I started with the Danish, not fun. almost nothing and most help linked to English sites anyway! any topic just remotely the same as an other was deleted/loced by a mod (even the help me with this glitch) despite the search function not working.
In the English forum I found practical help and fun challenges... and suddenly people trowing stuff at me....

when it was possible to buy points I started throwing back (really EA missed many money on having the buggyness when I had the money.... to gift even more than I have now)

1 day after a gift I went looking for a long shared thank you thread that was in GD... but it was gone then I found GG had been made.... I moved in.... and my post count exploeded....

hmm I like to nominat...

click siggy to take part in the contest

Joined: 12/22/12 06:10 AM
Messages: 645

Question: How did you get started with The Sims?

Answer: Well, my sister's had just bought sims 2, and I was the annoying little sister, standing behing them watching the screen. I had never seen something like sims before. I loved it. I could WATCH them play for hours. I always wanted to play though. When my oldest sister went to a week long summer camp, she said I could play well she was gone, I LOVED IT! After that I always begged to play, my mom never bought the game for me though. Then, we were moving to France for a year when sims 3 came out, and my mom was searching for something us to do on the overnight plane, so she bought as all sims 3. My sister's have both lost there games now, and now they beg me if they can play. And that's the story of how I got addicted before I even played XD

I would like to nominate,

thanks for hosting


Joined: 05/29/09 05:33 PM
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Hi Stafuny, thanks for holding this lottery. I enjoyed reading about your story, too.

I've told this tale on this website before, but I don't mind repeating myself . I was reading Entertainment Weekly magazine many, many years ago. In this issue they had a preview of upcoming game releases. One of them was the original sims.

I thought it looked like so much fun. I tore out the article and stuck it on the refrigerator with a note to my husband saying "I want this!!"

I got it the day it came out, and I've been hooked ever since to the Sims, Sims 2, and Sims 3.

I would like to nominate:


Thank you.


Joined: 12/25/12 10:17 PM
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Location:♪♫ Beneath the milky twilight ♫♪

Thanks for hosting

How did you get started with the sims?: Like you, I'm a relativity new Simmer. I saw the Sims 3 ads on TV (I was still a little young to play) and thought that it would be cool to create a sim; essentially play play "dress up" (A game I loved when I was littler). I bought several Sims apps from the App store in 2012 and loved them-the idea of playing a god and controlling everything amazed me. My dad showed me the actual Sims 3 trailer and during a Black Friday sale about six months ago I bought the game for $8. I've been hooked ever since.

My nominations are:

Dream_Walker27: (It's pretty long and I figured she could use a little help narrowing it down )


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