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How to stop being a mermaid without not going in the seawater?  XML
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My Sim accidentally became a mermaid and I would like to revert this. I ate the kelp without knowing what it would do, but I really do NOT want to be a mermaid. I've tried staying out of the ocean, but it's impossible for me as my Sim always swims now. She doesn't use her car or walk anymore. Everywhere she goes, she swims. That makes it impossible for me to stay out of the ocean for 4 days because my sim needs to get to her job. Is there any other way to make her normal again?

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Stopping her from going in seawater will only make her incredibly sad, but maybe if you have supernatural there's an elixir (I forget the name) that reverts supernaturals back to human form, maybe it will work on mermaids? Before you revert her though, she does have level 10 scuba now, so you know she can hit all the dive spots, which might be something to consider, just saying. Hoped this helped.


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Using the Potent Cure Elixir will turn Mermaids back to normal if your mermaid can't go days without swimming in the ocean Also, your sim will keep the level 10 diving skill they got as a mermaid even when you turn them back into a normal sim.
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