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Showtime & Patch 1.31/1.32/1.33 - Bug Thread  XML
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Joined: 12/03/10 10:39 PM
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yes i do get steady gigs but i am unable to perform them they are listed in my gig shedule and are ticked for the steady gig but when the day of the gig comes there is no option to go to gig location or perform show when i go to the venue there is no option to set the stage up or anything i have tried in and out of my career uniform to see if that was the issue but same either way the one off gigs are fine just the steady ones causing a problem

Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
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Updated to gav09


@shawty2102004: I've added most of your issues. Don't have any help to offer. For the whole Stage resetting business I will update my blog post tomorrow. Make sure to check back (it's linked with the issue). Most of your issue also plague other users

@geminiagre: thanks for that report. Added

@amyc088: Please post launcher issues in technical

@Rud3: Read my blog post linked in the first post (beginning) but if you have your Showtime collection, your good.

@gav09: Added


Sorry for not being very helpful tonight and also quite short. I'm very tired cause it was late yesterday for me.

I'll try to do better tomorrow but I will also need to do some RL work.

Good Night.


Joined: 12/10/09 09:30 PM
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Since installing showtiime sims with the long distance relatioship lifetime reward are losing friends especially ought their singers and iinteract with the audience.

That LY reward is suppose to keep sims from losing friends.

The Last Venue Of Amour Coming August 7th From The Sims 3 Store.

Joined: 05/30/09 07:49 PM
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Thank you for responding crinrict! I am doing a complete reinstall as we speak to see if it at least makes my game playable until the issues are resolved!


Joined: 02/04/11 12:42 AM
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ok so checked my data folder

The ST collection file is called: coll_0x0b32004610a7a350.package

didn't find that i have 16 files total.


Joined: 02/04/11 12:42 AM
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i see all the downloads for the patches except for 1.33 on that link am i missing something?


Joined: 02/04/11 12:42 AM
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Did what you said now i see all 17 files

only 1 question sometimes i keep getting a popup about a store patch?even tho i click yes it still comes up again,also origin still wont connect


Joined: 06/09/09 09:59 AM
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Rachelrita3 wrote:I installed 1.33 Patch last night and I can't open my Launcher despite clicking on my Game Icon. It's infuriating

I don't use CC in my game

only use EA Store Items

Have you got Norton antivirus??

Joined: 06/03/09 11:47 PM
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crinrict wrote:
@Kikso: Please read the thread linked on the first page and also answer the questions on the issue as well as the ones for everyone.

which thread? and which questions? sorry I know I am asking a lot


Joined: 05/29/09 01:38 PM
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There is a glitch with the Big Park stage. When you first start the game it has props on the stage, the pretzel bench, 2 effects machines and a street sign. But as soon as you do a gig the items vanish and never come back and when you click to set stage as venue there are no props on the stage.

Joined: 05/17/09 12:21 AM
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paparazzi tags now are showing even in home lots ... no idea what happend and it got fixed


Joined: 04/20/10 04:24 PM
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Hello, I apologize in advance if someone has already posted my issue, I did read through this forum but didn't see anything and It's possible I missed it.

My issues: I cannot see anyone's request to host or send sims. when i look in my book there are no tour requests, even though my wall will say differently.
I see what my friends post on their walls and mine but they cannot see my posts or requests.

when i attempt to book a tour the booking part takes forever (i timed it last night a total of 25 minutes each time only to say it had failed after.

My hot tubs seem to be inside out when i place them (the part that's supposed to be underground appears on top and in the actual hot tub.)

my big show venue is constantly blacked out and blocky.(literally a big black square on my map.)

My sims' gigs never end! i have to manually end their shows and they receive no credit and the icon stays up as if it hasn't been performed yet.

and my townies seem to be dropping like flies at public venues for no apparent reason. (my town is almost totally empty now)

1. Are you using any Custom Content or mods ? store content and anubis hairs (which I have uninstalled)

2. If you are using mods, are you using any of the 'big ones' like Awesome Mod or Twallan’s mods? I was using Twallan's but uninstalled them prior to installing showtime

3. If you're not using mod, did you never use them or did you take them out for the EP (as you are supposed to do) yep

4. Did you update the mods you put back with a compatible version ? yes and when that didnt work i uninstalled them again

5. Do you have Showtime or just the Patch ? Showtime

6. Which Patch Level are you at ? 1.31 1.32 or 1.33 ? 1.33

7. If you are on Patch 1.32 do you have new skin tones and Werewolf sliders (mouth, nose) in CAS ?

8. Do you have a Showtime Collection (in buy/build mode) ? yes

9. Did you start a new game for Showtime or are you playing an existing ones ? I started a whole new game with all new sims at least 4 times

10. What town are you currently playing ? EA or Custom ? starlight shores

11. What is your Operating System (Mac, XP, Vista, Win 7) win 7

12. Did you disable SimPort ? the main problem I'm worried about is with simport, but yes I disabled that and my internet entirely, still was un-playable.

13. Did you disable the Social Features ? yep

here's hoping for a solution thanx in advance

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Joined: 06/06/09 02:08 AM
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crinrict wrote:'Failed to book tour' error with SimPort

- Simport takes a long time and then gives an error 'Failed to book tour'
- Can't send Sim to friends game
- Can't accept friends Sim.

If you have this, please provide some info about your game:

1. How many Sims are in your household ?
2. Do you have the required levels ?
3. Is your sim human or occult or a mixture ?
4. Have you tried other Sims ?
5. Do you have any issues with other social features ?
6. Does your friend see anything from your Sim ?
7. Are you using Overwatch or ErrorTrap ?
8. Does the Sim you try to send have any CC ?
9. Any temp loss of Internet connection ?

I've been having this error every time I've attempted to test SimPort, and I'm seriously thinking my luck is just horrible. Every time I attempt a tour, nothing works, so I might as well answer your question for whomever is collecting data.

1. 3 Sims, all Young Adults. Aging is Disabled.
2. Yes, all three are at Level 10 in each of their performer careers.
3. All three Sims are 100% Human Sims
4. I alternate between each of the three quite often.
5. Sometimes. In-game chat/wall posting will not update if I've been idle for too long.
6. If they do, it is often not reported for me to know about it.
7. No
8. No, but they do have recolorings of some store DLC and EP outfits.
9. Not that I'm aware of. I'm on a 24/7 Cable internet connection.

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Joined: 06/03/09 09:54 PM
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Hi Crin. I hope you get some rest and feel better. Thank you for all of your hard work.

I don't have time to go through all the pages, but my problem is that my wall in the game stops updating. The people I host don't get their stamps and things, but I do on my end. I cannot message or add any messages to my wall.

Also gig maptags do not show up, shows take place 2-3 hours after they are supposed to start, and I do not always get a chance to do stage setup, the option does not come up.

I have only store cc, not exchange. I haven't used any mods since before I installed ST. I had no choice but to patch to 1.33, because I could not sign into simport unless I patched to 1.33. Before the patch, my game worked better than ever. So if my issues are not on the list, could you please add them? Thank you and take care. {{{crin}}} you're so great for helping all of us, I appreciate it.

"Oh shiny! Has the Sims name! Can't wait to play!! The Sims 4!!" - sums up my feelings perfectly!

Joined: 07/28/09 02:08 AM
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@siva20092403: I'll add the fireflies one. The other are old bugs and should be in other bug threads

Well, I tried doing this but no Sims developers seem to be reading the other bug threads. This is so frustrating!

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