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1001 things you can do with moveobjects on - a screenshot thread for inspiration  XML
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calmorezoo wrote:Yes its a good cheat but using it to many times when creating a lot can cause the lot to be glitched in play and can also cause routing issues

You mostly run into this issue if you PLAY with MOO still activated. I use it in Buy and Build and then turn it off before I go back into live mode.

I use it A LOT and have only ever had problems once (when I had it on during live mode). When I turned it off, I managed to get the Sim to walk where she had just refused to walk with MOO activated.

Maybe I've just been lucky, but that has been my experience.

You DO have to playtest stuff you have moved with MOO to make sure everything is still usable by your Sims. Sometimes you have to keep moving it very slightly until you get it where it is usable.


Joined: 12/19/09 04:38 AM
Messages: 9708

LaraCruse wrote:Hi! How do you do it??? MOve objects ontop of one another? Because i bought this bunk bed but you have to put it on top of eachother!

Hit Shift, Control, and C all at the same time to open the cheat window.

Type in "moveObjects on" (without the quotes) and hit enter.

Then, when you want the cheat off, use "moveObjects off" (without the quotes) in the cheat window.


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Very true but, after a while you get the hang of it and learn just how to get it to work. Also useful with displays to over clutter a counter you definitely want too full for sims to even consider using.

I do that with the nectar racks and make china cabinets, a few cc stacks of dishes and voila, the counter and rack are now a china cabinet with china in it.


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It's really amazing some of the thing people have come up with.
Here's a few a recent house I done.

Fountain in front

Dinning room that seats 12

Plant boxes

The pond

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Wow...I didn't know there were so many amazing ways to decorate a house with move objects. It all looks great!

I haven't really made anything that is really comparable, but I did think this picture was cool:

Used move objects to make it look like zombies attacking a person.


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Some wonderful ideas and it inspired me to try...I have a fairy/hidden garden "home' I am working on but not sure to do with it yet The moveobjects cheat really helped

But here a couple screenshots of something I made tonight. I am still really new to this...but trying my hand at it

from a different angle

The home is far from finished. Not sure if I can finish it I have a few screenshots of it and posted it here once on another thread. I could take some close ups of some of the areas I used the cheat to accomplish what I was trying to achieve.

This is a great thread and wonderful for getting inspired


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This is the first time I ever made anything with moveobjects that looked decent!

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These are really cool. I've never really used the cheat before. Now I am inspired.


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I was going to take some pictures of a conservatory with some moveobjects shelving but each time I am about to finish, the game crashes before I get chance to save!
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Asante wrote:sooo... I'm still alive... and sorry, didn't check everything since I wasn't following.
But: yay@ Amoebius... seems like I'm not the only "swimmable lake" lover

Oh and just a little experiment...

Yeees, it's a sunken sitting area... used two different floor tiles to show the different levels... Now, you might wonder, this isn't something special... but... if you take a close look to the right top corner... no foundation used
(It's a technical test for my next lot... if I ever get myself to really start with it...)

I'm intrigued. How did you do this? It looks great.


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Hi everyone
Today a friend told me about this thread. I came here and liked so much all the nice ideas here, too bad lots of photos are missing...
I came from "Sharing All MOO Creations".
But this seems a little abandoned too.
So, here's some photos to help .

Lower tables on the back of the sofas, and the cabinets

In the center there's a self-service place
This picture is from a Club I made for a contest.

I noticed someone said something about arches...
These arches are the entrance to the same club

Have fun and good creations!

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^^ Your club looks amazing!
It seems to be the perfect place to have a wedding!


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Just finished reading all the posts here its really too bad its mostly abandoned but heres a *bump* hoping to get more from all the creative people

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This thread is amazing. Definitely walking away inspired. Can not wait to come home from work tonight so I can fully experiment.

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