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How will you be spending your Holidays? **Hoodie Random Giveaway!!!**  XML
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Joined: 06/03/09 03:52 PM
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Were do I start? I'll start with the fun part first!

This is my first Christmas / new years of being 18; and being this age in this country (England) is a big deal, since I'm going to make this Christmas a one to remember, because its the first Christmas I'll be spending with my boyfriend, the longest relationship I have had, so I'm spoiling him and all his family with presents, they just don't know it yet... Teehee.

Other than work and college building up I'm also planning to spend most of my time on CAW, as I want to get some festive worlds created, and finish the request I have outstanding.

I'm also planning to take my practice driving exam! So keep those fingers crossed!!

This is the month were me and a group of my friends are planning to go to Mexico on holiday in July next year, since we're all off to Uni in the new year, and the money has to be in soon! So it's all go this month! But I prefer that, keeps us busy, shame about the cold weather.

... I just realised that the above isn't actually fun ahaha! Oh well, it is for different people

Enjoy your holidays everyone, be well, and don't let a snowball hit you after you've read this post!


Joined: 12/08/11 10:36 PM
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I will be spending my xmas week working and xmas day relaxing at home watching old xmas tv shows I love frosty the snowman HAPPY HOLIDAYS SIM FANS

Joined: 01/10/11 08:22 PM
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I plan on going back home to the farm and seeing all my family/Friends. I also plan on Freebording every mountain pass from DC to Asheville, NC. My town is way east of Asheville... Newton Grove, North Carolina! But, I am looking forward to getting some downhill freebording in... |:-)

Fun Fact: My high school graduating class in DC was 901. My towns population is somewhere around 750 when people visit. Crazy how that works huh? Simville, USA.

Hope all of you have a great holiday season!

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Joined: 06/04/09 10:47 AM
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It'll be a special Christams for me, cos I'll be staying over at my mum's on Christmas Eve, then staying up most of the night, wrapping up presents, then Christmas morning, my mum and myself will get picked up in the morning to go to my Sister's place, to have a Christams breakfast/lunch, then I'll love and leave them, to get picked up by my Fiancè's parents, take me back to my home, our cery first christams dinner, that's where I'll be cooking a pork roast on the rotisserie BBQ, and have BBQ vegetables, and for dessert I'll be making a christams trifle, for me, my Fiancè and his parents, plus 2 other neighbours that don't have family themselves, will be joining us too.

Have a wonderful Christmas!




Everyday's a New Day, New Events, New Memories! Happy Simming!

Joined: 03/13/10 11:25 PM
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I'm going to open presents with my family and then we might go to my mother's house at the lake. I am also going to make my pumpkin cookies to share!


Joined: 12/01/11 01:35 AM
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Location:I'm a box! :o

Uh to describe I saw how others put so basically we are having deserts and gift trades with the whole family dec 24th.


Joined: 04/26/11 12:15 AM
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Location:With My Stories

Me and my whole family will be spending time together here in our cozy home, sipping hot chocolate and sitting by fire. Then later we will have our christmas dinner

Joined: 09/26/11 08:18 PM
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Location:In deep Russian woods with a bear drinking vodka and playing balalaika ;p

SimGuruHydra wrote:What will I be up to...

Lots of baking, def lots of cooking in general, maybe get a haircut, spend Christmas day with fam and friends .

It's going to be really hard to eat healthy during the Holidays for me!

Is it possible for ANYONE to eat healthy during the Holidays? Not for me! Surely!
Well, in Russia we celebrate Christmas later - on the 7th of January. But by the 25 December there'll be Santas in shop windows, we'll hear Jingle bells (in English and in Russian as well) everywhere, so everyone will have festive mood. I'll be sending greetings to my friends abroad, feeding my 3 cats Christmas dinner( my cats celebrate all the holidays I know, even Chinese New Year ) and of course SIMMING,SIMMING,SIMMING


Joined: 05/31/09 09:25 PM
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Location:Lucky Palms with Sauda and her imaginary fairies!

I will be at my house celebrating Hanukkah with my family. It's exciting because I've been away for the holiday for the past two years, so this is the first time in a while I'll actually get to celebrate with them. And then shortly after New Years, I'm on my way to England to study abroad


Joined: 12/08/11 10:13 PM
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With my luck I'll have to work, but planning to spend some quality time with my husband and daughter. Going to look at Christmas lights, bake cookies, and if we are able to, going to visit family out of town. Christmas is such a busy time!

Joined: 12/08/11 10:41 PM
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I hope this is for Aussies too!

Considering I'm an Aussie and Christmas downunder usually involves some form of stiflingly hot weather (though this is melbourne so you can't predict anything), there won't be any sitting by the fire or snow drifting from our skies. With luck, it'll be clear and blue, perfect for a swim. I'll be working on Christmas Eve at the Chinese restaurant, looking after locals and tourists alike with yummy Asian delicacies and then getting home, maybe simming for a couple of hours (Sims Medieval - my favourite), then going to bed to wait for Santa.

Then on Christmas day, I start off with lunch at my boyfriends house with his family. And then, when I'm not stuffed enough, I go back home to properly open presents and have dinner with my family. Hectic Christmas this year.

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Joined: 07/26/11 01:59 AM
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I'm hoping for a good Christmas this year. Last year I got dumped........on Christmas morning.............via facebook............I saw his status change all of a sudden


Joined: 02/06/11 04:49 PM
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Location:St. Joe, MO

After college finals my future husband and I will spend the holidays with my parents at their house then enjoy the rest of our break at our apt. <3


Joined: 03/04/10 01:43 AM
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Location:South Carolina

For the Holidays I will be working at Gamestop then Christmas Eve eat with the Family.


Joined: 02/04/11 07:19 PM
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My family and I are going to spend our first Christmas morning in our new house and then up to my grandparents house for the rest of Christmas day and the week after.
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