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Joined: 05/16/09 06:55 PM
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i have yet to see him! or maybe i have, and just haven't noticed.


Joined: 06/07/09 03:21 AM
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My actress sim had a one-night affair with Matthew Hamming, which resulted in a somewhat awkward looking daughter. Then she never spoke to him again and went on to marry the butler!

Joined: 07/05/09 09:17 AM
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greentea wrote:
ktbear01 wrote:My sim just tried to marry him (she is pregnant with his baby), and I only received 2,000 and it said he lived in a penthouse with some vamp chic and Mike Sleeper (or some name like that). Then it starts to process it, then freezes :/ I haven't had a problem before this.

I want them to marry ASAP since she is a 5 star celebrity and I don't want her to be disgraced.

Wow o_o I'm guessing you had story progression on? I believe his brother is Mike Sleeper. Maybe he is in the house he grew up in? I'm sorry you're having a problem, I hope you find out how to fix it.

I think it is on. Should I turn it off? I want all the perks of marrying a 5 star celeb

Joined: 07/09/09 12:07 AM
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This is why people like Matthew Hamming, he looks similar to Adam Levine and Levine is quite the ladies man so the association is quite clear in my opinion.

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Okay, so, my sim Brigitte met Matthew & they hit it off (I cheated her rich). They woohoo'd in the hot tub at Aquarius & she was publicly disgraced. Later, she proposed & they got married, (he's now Matthew Bardot) & I changed his looks. They had thier daughter & Brigitte bacame a vamp. Here's the happy family.

Now I have a problem ... The parents had disappeared, sims & plumbobs both gone! I had to resetsim several times before they reappeared. Now, he'll be studying logic or working & just reset all on his own! Because of this, he's not getting any job promotions. (He quit his job to fullfill his wish after his daughter was born, then went back to work to get the 11,000 point wish for reaching the top of the acting career again.) Even thier daughter will just reset for no reason. This problem is really annoying!

But, FYI, Matthew is about halfway through adult to elder (I play long lifespan) &, since they both want another baby, I'm curious if they'll get a vamp or sim baby? ....


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CK213 wrote:I think I can see why so many might get their sims involved with him, and it's certainly not about his looks.

He was the first sim my sim had a major star struck reaction. It was the first time I had seen her gush over someone like that.
He is a bit odd looking in a TS3 simmy way.

Sorry, Mr Hamming, but you've been made over in a major way.

The look on her face says: "I want Hamming!" I can't refuse her.

Her boyfriend is the redhead on the left. In my storyline he is suppose to cheat on her. I think her response is to cheat back with Hamming. This will lead to a break up and her boyfriend will have to leave to find fame on his own.

Love your story idea! Your redhead guy looks like he should be a total rockstar.

One of my Sim ladies was completely star struck when seeing Matthew, the only problem was, her husband was right there with her, when she got all 'swept away'. Not ok...not ok!

Razbrry9876, can you please resize your screenshot?

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I was once a true Sims fan (since the release of The Sims 1). However, EA, has finally ruined that for me. ~ Sincerely, your former customer. Dec 2011

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I've been playing this game for almost a day straight, literally, and I still haven't found him. Hum... maybe I'll start a new Bridgewhatever and have my sim look for him. XD


Joined: 05/29/09 04:08 PM
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Matthew Hamming is definitely a catch. He was at my sim's son's birthday party last night, click my story for pics!

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smudgefreakk wrote:This is why people like Matthew Hamming, he looks similar to Adam Levine and Levine is quite the ladies man so the association is quite clear in my opinion.


and when I was playing late night at my Cousins house, I had my Sim marry him, have a baby, then starved him to death. She married a Butler I hired for the two of them after and it was fun.


Joined: 06/02/09 01:34 AM
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Okay, my Sim is definitely going to go after Matthew Hamming. She became a level five celeb, and was engaged to Tom Wordy, but he jilted her at the wedding, and then yelled at her in front of her guests!! So, she broke up with him and is looking for love elsewehere. I think Matt just might do!


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I think Matthew Hamming is ugly to me Blake Freeman is way better.You can find Blake Freeman in civil suites I think apartment here's a pic of him.

You got to call the call box for him though and he got a ripped body too.

Joined: 10/21/09 01:46 PM
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I've been making my sim stalk him over the past few days; managed to find him in a club had them kiss then he had to go! I will get him lol.


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I have been playing my new Sim who wants to become a star, she hasn't even had her first day of work and decided to visit the set, ran into Hamming and impressed him first shot! They are chatting away and flirting a little and some photos are taken and BAM!! 3 star levels in the first 5 minutes of the game!! It said something about "being spoken about all over town and whats being said is good!"

So this Hamming bloke is a good star starter!

*Edit* - Ok...I accidentally killed Matthew Hamming, I am not a very good cook and he spent the night and I thought I would make him pancakes as a nice gesture. Instead I set my kitchen on fire and he tried to help my Sim put it out whilst waiting for the fire men. Matthew caught on fire and my Sim LAUGHED! She was screaming then pointing and snickering! I am so shocked she's not even evil lol!
So there goes my Matthew Hamming legacy!

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Joined: 06/07/09 01:30 PM
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@ Sunshineandrozes,

Sorry, I don't know how to do that. My hubby could tell me, but he's busy with work. If anyone can help me, I'll gladly fix it.


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I have been trying to marry Matthew for a while now. I have been waiting for the option to move into his place, but there was a glitch last night and he turned into a vampire after leaving a club and getting in a cab. I shouldn't have saved the game.

sool sool
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